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An Assault on Expression

From its beginnings, art has been about expression. Whether a ballet about an ancient Russian fertility rite, a painting that captures the essence of a night in Paris, or a heavy metal singer screaming his frustration, people have always found a way to express themselves. 391 more words

A/NZ agencies spy on 'friendlies' for NSA

Signals intelligence agencies in Australia and New Zealand spy on friendly countries in the Pacific, gathering up full communications that are forwarded to the United States National Security Agency (NSA), acccording to leaked documents.  32 more words

_ Govenment

Under the Dome finds its limits

A smog documentary that went viral in China over the weekend and riveted the nation with its TED Talks meets Al Gore blend of compelling data and engaging instruction, managed to both survive China’s censors and get “the chop”. 842 more words

Three Gorges Probe

A few words on #IndiasDaughter

I have started to write this after a day spent on watching the documentary in question and reading articles and opinions on the internet about #IndiasDaughter. 1,181 more words