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This language arrives in English in the mid-fifth century CE

This is the third major language invasion since the Islands of Britain and Ireland broke off from the continent of Europe.  122 more words

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WAC Celt Nobles.

Painting has been quite slow over the last few week but I have managed to finish my WAC Celt Noble unit and a couple of character models. 45 more words


Intolerant Hellenism: But what about the Celts?!

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So I think that I’ve given enough evidence that Hellenes not only engaged in religious intolerance, they engaged in it in very high amounts. 809 more words


This white dress...or is it blue?

This is probably one of the more unusual posts here, but I have to chime into the discussion about that blue, or white dress. Not so much as a Druid, certainly not as a social and other media junkie, but as a painter. 638 more words

Brighid: Goddess and Saint

The Wise Women of Britain had their own special patron – the goddess Brighid – who later became known as Saint Brigit.  She was a Celtic pagan deity, the equivalent of Roman Minerva and Greek Athene, whose name means… 307 more words

Trees in Irish belief

December’s folklore column for the North Clare Local.  790 more words



Nothing good ever came from a cold climate. The Egyptians did many great things, as did the Persians.  The Greeks gave us philosophy, the Romans gave us architecture.  355 more words