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Pizza, Pasta, Fascinating History

What do you think of when you think of Italy? Pizza? Pasta? Roman ruins? The Sistine Chapel? Why not the Greek city of Naples or the Celtic colony of Turin? 588 more words

Historical Fiction


Death happens to everyone. And people either go to the Underworld, or somewhere better. Hel is the ruler of Helheim, and she only takes the souls of the commoners. 339 more words

A Web of Vikings

Fact 1: There’s a Youtube channel I’ve started following recently called Alliterative. It plays to a lot of my interests: linguistics, history, odd connections, occasional terrible jokes… and presents them in the form of a web. 711 more words


39% anglo-irish!

As I have always been curious about my ancestry, I made a DNA test on 23andMe. While the company no longer provides statistics about potential medical conditions because of a lawsuit, it does return an ancestry analysis of sorts. 201 more words


Celts, Druids and Wizards, Oh My!

So I’ve decided to take a bit of a different approach to the Dark Veil saga. I don’t necessarily want to say it’s a more pagan style because it’s not. 504 more words


Book Launch: The Taexali Game by Nancy Jardine

Today Nancy Jardine shares information about her new novel, The Taexali Game, which launches May 22.

Welcome, Nancy.

Everyone loves playing advanced interactive computer games, don’t they? 819 more words

What Can You Learn From A Tree?

Hello Everyone, Welcome Back!:)

I have a thing about trees. I absolutely love them!! I think one of my previous lives was as a Celt. Trees were sacred to them. 405 more words