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Pronouns, Pseudonyms, and the Curiosolites

Humans just have to name the objects and creatures we encounter, including ourselves. How we choose those names, even pronouns, like “I,” “you,” and “them” is interesting. 670 more words

Parts Of Speech

La Tène


La Tène, (French: The Shallows), archaeological site at the eastern end of Lake Neuchâtel, Switz., the name of which has been extended to distinguish the Late… 121 more words

Ludwig McBeethoven?

Beethoven, the classical master, writing Scottish popular songs? Yes – and he wasn’t the only composer to be inspired by folk music. Michael Oliver explains. 1,019 more words


Back to your roots

If you have ever tried to trace your family tree and come to a dead end, the chances are that your missing ancestors were still living in the same place over a thousand years ago. 362 more words

Museum In The Press

Nancy's New Novels

I’m so pleased to be awarded with another visit from Nancy Jardine, whom I interviewed last month.

She’s back to tell us about not one but two novels of hers that are about to be published. 777 more words


Stop trying to make #celtic happen. It's not going to happen

This week it was announced that celts were not a single genetic group. Total shocker. The results suggested that most of England was historically inhabited by a single (possibly Anglo-Saxon) genetic group. 98 more words


St. Patrick: Snakes, lies and PR

HAPPY SAINT PATRICK’S Day! Today, we remember Ireland’s patron saint, who brought Christianity to Ireland and drove out the snakes. Millions celebrate all over the world with parades, drinking, prayers, singing, drinking, wearing green and drinking. 795 more words