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Oh, don't we all know one of those?

Here is a blog entry from my Druid colleague John Beckett on how to deal with folks who flip when they realize you’re pagan. Or when they  just… 82 more words

Were there shamans in Britain before the Romans?

We’ve been having a somewhat scholarly discussion at the Lazy Gecko cafe about whether the effigies on the landscape zodiac do actually pre-date Christianity, and also whether the Celtic stories, which I think they depict, can be verified to be rooted in an older mythological oral tradition. 1,214 more words

Sacred Drum

WACing away with the Romans ;o).

No club this week as I was lucky enough to be invited to Matt & Jen’s again for some more WAC fun :O). Jen is getting ready for the WAC National Tournament which is coming up in May and was after some practises games against Romans using her newly painted Celt army, I was happy to oblige ;o). 256 more words


Avalon 3.1: part 6 of 7, Close Enough to Hell

It did not take long to catch up with the procession where a dozen dwarfs were solemnly carrying the body of Carthair down the mountainside to his final resting place. 1,311 more words


A Busy Week.

Well I’ve been off work this week and inbetween sorting out the house ready for the move I’ve managed to get quite a bit done. First off with Salute not far away I needed to sort out a few Bamboo screen for the game being run by Scarab Miniatures which I helping out with. 64 more words



The following post (SOME THOUGHTS ON THE CELTS)  was published a couple of years ago. I reckoned it was about time for  a reblog. The topic is perennial, and relevant to  many Europeans of varying homeland. 230 more words