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FCC Believes Phone Unlocking is Practiced by all Wireless Providers

Wireless Providers Fulfill Commitment to let Consumers Unlock Mobile Phones

February 11, 2015 – 02:40 PM

One year ago, the FCC announced a voluntary commitment among a number of mobile wireless service providers to adopt policies that allow their customers to switch networks while keeping their existing devices – a process called cell phone unlocking.  259 more words


The Week Before"..

‘ The Heart Does What It Wants To Do, The Mind Does What Its Told


Safelink: “I’ll get my birth control when I get down, we will just have to use condoms in the meantym ok” 1,038 more words

Why do we give cellphones so much power?

 Tell the truth, in order to start your car you must have your cellphone to your ear right? Or to start your car, you are either already talking to someone or are dialing to talk to someone? 256 more words


Security Researcher Christopher Soghoian on How to Use a Cellphone Without Being Spied On | Democracy Now!

o, again, the voice and text message services provided by your wireless carrier, if you’re just sending a text message through your phone or making a telephone call through your phone, those calls can be intercepted by your own government, by police and intelligence agencies. 320 more words



The paradox of autocorrect. SO much easier when texting. SO much more annoying when texting. Enraging, enraging, enraging.  Easier, easier, easier. Funnier, funnier, funnier.

What do you think? 402 more words


An Unexpected Expense

My Moto G cellphone started acting funny a few weeks ago; when I make a call, the screen goes completely blank and even tapping the area where you’d expect each key to be, it is not functional. 173 more words