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DeckSpace Concept Phone

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Overview: The DeckSpace Phone is more of a prototyping experiment focused on designing a phone with a new user experience. I love the iconic way it deals with the numerous apps and the makes them approachable yet distinct from the standard iOS style. 24 more words

Product Design


Does anyone remember my old (original) quote regarding computers – ie, “A computer won’t cut your grass for you but it will keep you from doing it! 95 more words


Tektalk 8000mAh Portable Phone Charger

In an age of smartphones, the need and popularity of portable cellphone chargers has skyrocketed! Their compact size and quick charging capabilities have made them a staple in many pockets and purses. 311 more words

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Once you try it, you can never go back

My cellphone is modeled similarly like a blackberry cept it has less features, such as no internet or an app store. Good thing about it is that I can go 2-4 days without charging it. 90 more words


Interesting Things You Can Use Siri For On Your IPhone

Siri is an innovative product that is the Iphone’s ultimate virtual assistant. There is so much Siri can do for; however, a lot of people simply use Siri for the basic purposes. 340 more words


Lab Design Starts!

Hello SVM followers,

Our laboratory design team is making progress on the development of the Smart Village Microgrid laboratory! This lab will be located at the Powerhouse Energy Campus in Fort Collins, Colorado. 269 more words


Ruby and Rails Programming Camp

   I get appreciated on how the Ruby and Rails when the conduct a Girls Camp last May 9, 2015 at the Microsoft Philippines. Awws! Suppose to be more Microsoft Products but anyway as I get attention on how to program an application using rails for me, it’s less code that you’ll be doing though there are software needed. 32 more words