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Turning point

I ventured out the other day for another of my daily ‘get fit lose weight’ type walks that, in all honesty probably only occurs once or twice a week…you know how it is :) So with my recycled Gatorade bottle filled with chlorinated water   in one hand and my American I-phone, which functions only as a camera now due to crafty marketing by Verizon not to allow Sim cards in their Cell Phones so you can not change providers, I set off on my adventure.It was a lovely day, the rain had eased and yet with the rain a certain freshness and renewal had filled the air. 391 more words


Man on St. Louis train asked about Michael Brown, attacked

ST. LOUIS (AP) — Police are searching for three young men after a light rail passenger in St. Louis was attacked after being asked what he thought about the “Mike Brown situation.” 102 more words

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Spring Bee

Spring has sprung, and what better icon of spring than the busy bee. I wanted to see what the iPhone 6 Plus’ video capabilities are, so I shot this video up close to enhance the shallow depth of field afforded by the f2.2 lens on the new iPhone.


Good morning, sunshine

The cell phone rings. Only one bastard in the world would make me search through the hellhole that is my pocketbook before at least two large cups of tea kick in. 327 more words

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