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Bye Zayn.

So as I’m sure you’ve heard, Zayn Malik has left One Direction.

Devastating isn’t it? I actually shed a few tears and I’m not a devout 1D fan or anything but it is sad. 595 more words

'Barely Famous' fan recap, as told by the Foster sisters

Season 1 | Episode 2 | “Waiting for James Franco” | Aired Mar 25, 2015

Barely Famous is really funny, and it’s no secret that I am a giant fan of this show. 1,045 more words

Leave Jeremy Clarkson Alone

Contrary to what the clickbaitesque title of this article may imply, this will not be another piece about a “plot” to oust Jeremy Clarkson from the BBC. 649 more words


Rebel Heart and Radio 1

“My manager said to me, ‘If you’re not in your 20s, it’s hard. You might get your record played in your 30s. There’s a handful of people who do – Pharrell got lucky. 642 more words

Celebrity Culture

Celebrity culture - An addiction?

I have no doubt that there is not one person out there who haven’t at least heard of the Kardashians, never mind know which one’s which because that’s the world we’re living in. 264 more words


The Modern Muse: Celebrity Culture?

Stephanie Christofferson, Spring 2015

While the rare supermodel may still exist, increasingly she is becoming irrelevant. Brands today are finding more success with using celebrities not only in their ad campaigns, but on the runway. 306 more words


The Official Jade Goody Tribute from OK! Magazine and Goody's Representation in the Tabloid Press

Today I thought I’d start things a bit differently. Rolling back the years, does anyone remember Jade Goody’s rise to stardom? Her ups and downs in her public and private life which got intensely followed by the relentless media? 629 more words

Celebrity Culture