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The truth about crop circles

There comes a time in everyone’s life when we just have to be real and face the facts.

Not all crop circles are made by humans. 26 more words


What am I?

I’m 44 I cant figure out what the hell I am, so let me explain.
I dropped out in high school in 9th grade and got a GED.I joined the Army. 27 more words

Rockaway beach.

The sun is out and I want some…

Rockaway Beach is a 1977 single by Ramones, included in Rocket to Russia LP. It reached number 66 of US singles chart, the alltime better for the NYC band. 273 more words


Ms. Superduper: Is she sexy or cute?

On GLP I always found her really sexy. At GMG she doesn’t seem sexy, only really cute.

My head’s spinning, please help. :blink:

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Find your Hunker Down Pal Now.' But most importantly I pray For Everybody's Hearts'

Boy’What a rollercoaster this world is in.’ CHRIST knows, in a battle spiritually and defending the true God til the very End’…

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