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[LISTEN] Zayn Malik Takes New Direction

Five days ago Zayn Malik said he would be leaving One Direction to pursue life as a normal 22-year-old. Well after the release of his own new single “I Won’t Mind” we don’t really think that is the real reason. 189 more words


LISTEN: Zayn Has New Music ALREADY

That didn’t take long!! Just days after quitting One Direction, leaked audio of a Zayn Malik solo song has been released!!

According to Cosmopolitan… 109 more words


Justin Bieber, Roasted Like a Marshmallow

Last night, Comedy Central aired their longest and possibly best roast yet for Justin Bieber.

Clips have gone up on CC.com and boy are they hilarious! 62 more words


#TechTuesday: #TIDALforALL? Not Quite, And Here's Why.

Happy Tuesday, folks!

I know I’ve filled your feeds with tons of #WhoRunTheWorld content all month long, and I thank you for rocking with me. But now, it’s time to get back to our regular scheduled programming. 843 more words


In A Surprise To Absolutely No One, Willie Nelson Has Plans To Sell His Own Brand Of Marijuana

It was only a matter of time: Now that recreational marijuana is legal in five U.S. States, Willie Nelson is fulfilling the silent promise his very existence made to his fans, and planning to launch his own line of weed. 306 more words

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North West Easter Egg Hunting is Too Cute

We might give her mama lots of side eye but we are completely smitten with North West! She had an early Easter egg hunt this weekend and she was SO CUTE! 24 more words


Hugh Jackman Quitting Wolverine

Hugh Jackman has played Wolverine for over a decade, but it seems as though that time is coming to a close.

According to People, the rumors started with the cryptic… 115 more words