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21st- Part 1






First and foremost,

I want to thank Joey, Cheryl, Jasreel and Reiko for planning the mini surprise celebration for me at my house. 266 more words

Short Story Sunday: Tranquility (Equiroth)

The journey felt long and exhausting, their supplies dwindling each day and leaving them with barely anything to fill their stomachs with by the sixth day.  1,935 more words


Birthdays, Comparison and the Moment

Eight. I can’t believe it. How’d we get to 8 so fast? Seems just like yesterday it happened all too fast. Now, don’t get me wrong, had someone suggested that “it goes quick” when you were into overnight feedings and not sleeping all night I would have grinned and said “uh-hu,” but secretly I was wishing just for a night of sleep and for “it” to go by quick. 454 more words


Salvadoran Nuégados

Disclosure: Latinaish.com has partnered with Nestlé to bring you recipes using Nestlé products. As always, all opinions are my own.

Known as “buñuelos” in much of Latin America, El Salvador calls these traditional Easter fritters “nuégados” and they’re almost always accompanied by a toasted corn drink called “chilate.” There are many different varieties of nuégados with the most popular one being nuégados de yuca, but a Salvadoran acquaintance recently introduced me to nuégados de guieno (banana nuégados), which are much easier to make. 578 more words


Liebster Award

“Amen sista! Btw you have been nominated by me for the Liebster.”

This beautiful comment awaited in anticipation for my eyes to see in my notification box.

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Stubbornly Courageous


So one of my friends is doing a giveaway for her newest release! Saving Rosalind is her newest release. a book that is meant to be inspiring to people! 21 more words

Celebrating Life

I have emerged from what turned out to be a very busy and emotional past two weeks- for several reasons.  I attended two memorials over the weekend:  one for an unfortunate and sudden passing of a colleague’s husband who was in a car accident, made exceptionally more untimely because they are expecting their first-born child in June. 386 more words