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Celebrating 35

For the first time, I’m celebrating a birthday that feels like a real bench mark in life. 35 feels established (a very nice word for old). 438 more words

A Little Bit Of Me

6 Ways to Connect With the Spiritual Side of Easter

Easter is the most important event of the year in most churches, which makes it a double edged sword.  In some ways it is an incredibly spiritual time.   590 more words

April Fools'

Certain numbers were considered sacred, holy, or magical by the ancient Egyptians, particularly 2, 3, 4, 7, and their multiples and sums .  Can you name the only number that has the same number of characters as its value in the English language?   177 more words

Happy Occupational Therapy Month!

April is the designated month to celebrate occupational therapy! Occupational therapists help people who have a disease/condition/situation to increase their independence and ability to live the life they want. 103 more words

Matters Of The Heart

Toddler toast. 

When Avery transitioned from purée to finger foods I was SO excited to start planning for those days when I could make his food fun! When the day finally came and I gave him a whole piece of toast I couldn’t just give him a sad plain piece of toast… So I made it into a bear! 38 more words


RAW: See how Persian new year 'Nowruz' is celebrated in Kyrgyzstan

New China TV

In Kyrgyzstan,our reporters have visited a traditional family near the capital Bishkek to see how they prepared the traditional dishes of Nowruz, including sumolok (porridge made from wheat,…

Time: 02:27