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Great weather....if you are a tomato

A few months ago, I bought two tomato plants from a friend’s fundraiser. I knew that they’d be Ok while I was away at ALA because everyone knows it rains in Oregon until the 4th of July. 251 more words


Patty Murray and "Bi-Partisan Seeking" Democrats Should Recall Jeffords in NCLB Reauthorization

In reading an account in the ASCD Journal about the tug-of-war over the reauthorization of NCLB I recall the original bi-partisan passage of the bill. During the final negotiations, Jim Jeffords agreed to vote for the bill because it was supposed to include a proviso that would fully fund the special education law. 148 more words

Will the Repeal of NCLB and the Demise of RTTT Bring Relief… or More Headaches?

As reported in a post earlier this week, the prognosis for federal spending on public education is not good and, as intimated in earlier posts, those of us hoping to see NCLB and RTTT replaced with something better might be disappointed. 341 more words

End of School Year Article Suggests Alliance Among TRUE Reformers

Ruth Coniff’s Common Dreams post last week provided a good synthesis of the dismal year public education experienced in 2014-15 and suggested a brighter future  479 more words

What led to Common Core Standards?

The Common Core State Standards have a lot more going for them than most people realize. Surely school administrators, state commissioners and secretaries of education, state boards of education and professional associations including the National Governor’s Association and the National Council of Chief State School Officers in the 45 states that have adopted the standards cannot all be delusional. 407 more words

Changes In Schooling & Reforms

The Clothing Dilemma

Today, I’m packing my bag for my trip to the ALA conference in San Francisco.

Portland is expecting a heat wave, with temps hitting 100ºF by Saturday. 344 more words


Non-Fiction needs to be spread around the curriculum

I have always been of the opinion that English classes have been bearing the brunt of the “more non-fiction” mandate in the Common Core Standards, and finally someone else is saying the same.   17 more words