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See where experience takes you

For my visual communications course, my class was instructed to make a 30-60 second PSA video explaining the benefits of the CCPR program. I teamed up with two of my ART HAUS teammates, Ranjit and Melanie, to create a video that focused on our ART HAUS event. 54 more words

My 8 tips for applying to field placements

My CCPR classmates and I have been working hard to prepare for the field placement application process. As I have mentioned in previous posts, we had a class last semester called Professional Practice that helped us prepare for the job application process and working in the real world. 802 more words

Week 5

I am now into week 5 of the semester and between assignments and field placement applications, a lot is going on! Last Monday was the Pan Am pitch presentation and I am happy with how my group’s presentation went. 209 more words

Four Weeks of the Second Semester of the Sixth Year of School In The One Year CCPR Program

Not even going to lie – this semester has, thus far, been super confusing.

The first week started on Wednesday. My classes are only Monday and Tuesday, which meant that my first week of school ceased to exist somewhat… It meant all of our due dates shifted. 271 more words

Facets Of Education


The first couple weeks of this semester have been fun (but busy). My program has been given the lucky opportunity to present a communications plan for a “100 day to the Games” event to the Toronto 2015 Pan Am communications team. 125 more words