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Zaftig Princess Piggy Poo

Princess Piggy Poo is a portly guinea pig based on the scale at the veterinarian’s office. She’s a rotund 1,600 grams or 3.5 pounds. Of course, I can see Princess Piggy Poo is no skinny-minny but I don’t see her as a roly-poly either. 205 more words

A Night in this House...

Teto has zero patience for mommy’s love…

Cheshire enjoys a rare moment of having food to himself. Ahh… the peace of not having two brothers coming to fight with you for veggies… 20 more words


Peanut Butter

This sweet boy is an abysinnian/peruvian mix. He’s under a year but exact age is uncertain. He is spunky full energy and still a little skiddish. 24 more words

Nino has no time to wait for veggies to come to him...

… So he will rise to the veggies. 


Edit: He’s very determined to take the piece of radicchio…


I see you, Princess Piggy Poo

Even though Princess Piggy Poo is currently middle-aged, I tend to treat her like a baby. Princess Piggy Poo loves spending time in her hiding house. 223 more words

Nino will lick your hand for ages

This I learned two days ago. That is all. Will attempt photographic evidence.

Edit: Even better! Video evidence!