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Fluffball gets a massage

Cheshire’s the cuddliest of the piggies and I love giving him massages. He’s a spoiled little prince, though. Around the 1 minute mark, the chin rubs got a little too close to his lips and he nipped me to put me in my place. 21 more words


Stubborn Pig: I will not be caged!

The pigs get to stay upstairs while I clean the downstairs. It’s a little small (56″x20″), and Nino is not a fan of being locked upstairs with the other two.


Guineapig guide : Care tips for a pregnant guineapig

(*These beautiful pigture’s of a mommy and her babies was kindly sent to us by our friend Alisa of -Guinipigs on instagram.*)

Caring for a pregnant guinea pig mummy is super important to ensure her babies inside grow healthily over time until they’re ready  to introduce themselves with a big wheekly hello! 499 more words


Expectant Pigs

She’s hovering by the cage, she must have food…