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Princess Piggy Poo summer blockbuster

Dinosaurs are back in Jurassic World; Ahhnold is back in Terminator Genesis but where are the guinea pig movies? Princess Piggy Poo wasn’t born yet, but there was a guinea pig movie in 2009 called… 159 more words

Princess Piggy Poo

Watch "Ponyos weigh in upate" on YouTube

Another update on my lovely little Ponyo. Please excuse my odd recorded voice!

Guinea Pigs

Princess Piggy Poo juices

Princess Piggy Poo likes to think she’s a trendsetter, but like so many Californians before her, she’s now on the juicing bandwagon. The health benefits of juicing for cavies are not the same on the outside as for people. 153 more words

Princess Piggy Poo

Choosing the perfect guinea pig name?

Pigture this ( *pun intended*) you’ve just made your way home with your new guinea pig (kudos to you if you chose to rehome some shelter piggies). 517 more words

Guinea Pig

A piggie interview with Nicola from Cosy piggies!

Hello Wheeklys!

Today we have a special piggie post with the lovely Nicola from Cosy piggies.  If you don’t know nicola runs a handmade online piggie fleece shop, where she makes lots of lovely fleece items that your piggies are sure to adore. 567 more words

Guinea Pig

Nino charges for licking my hand

I used to get more licks before he stuck his head under my hand for pets, the time is getting shorter and shorter… tsk tsk tsk… baby boy is good at negotiating.