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A Night in this House...

Teto has zero patience for mommy’s love…

Cheshire enjoys a rare moment of having food to himself. Ahh… the peace of not having two brothers coming to fight with you for veggies… 20 more words


Baby Cavies!

Today (3-26-15)  We had three Guinea pigs born. Their names are Jasper, Storm, and Felicity! Daily pictures will be posted.



Peanut Butter

This sweet boy is an abysinnian/peruvian mix. He’s under a year but exact age is uncertain. He is spunky full energy and still a little skiddish. 24 more words

Inside Pigs On The Wing Caviary

I’m just going to give you a brief look inside the caviary. So these are the cages the cavies live in. they get out daily for play time and are constantly being held! Yup!



The American Satins

These are my two new show cavies. They are american satins. The first one is Roxanne she is a white sow with very nice type. The second is Roman he is a red roan his head is a little snooty but hopefully his type will make up for it! Yeah hope you enjoyed!


The American Cavy (Cavy Series)

Ok so I have decided to tell you guys about showing guinea pigs and I’m going to introduce you to the American cavies my sister owns. 247 more words