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Finally a day with the boo thang

After many weeks slash months of me nagging and bitching at John to leave the house and do something with me, I finally succeeded. I downloaded the AllTrails app and picked the first trail that was featured, which was Little Grand Canyon in Southern Illinois. 362 more words

Margaret River

Margaret River is a large wine region South of Perth and is one of the premier wine producing areas of Australia. As one of the main things to do in the region, and to get all 6 of us out of the flat for a couple of days, we set off to complete a wine tour and a quick stop drive down the highlights of the coastline. 1,260 more words


Eagle's Nest Cave

Over the weekend, me my neighbor (also named Zach) and my caving buddy Matt went to Eagle’s Nest Cave and got high up into the mountains enough that the rain in the lower elevation turned into flurries of snow and we had to park earlier than we planned.   407 more words

#28 [PHONG NHA] Mulheres de pedra

Apreciava o nascer do sol num diabólico horizonte avermelhado, de dentro de um ônibus, deitado em minha cama com as duas mãos apoiando a parte de trás da cabeça. 1,399 more words


First Look at CAVE

Since CAVE has now been in development for around 4 months, I am finally to the point were I feel that I can show it off a little. 482 more words

Game Engine

Day 115 Christ has been crucified once, and for All.

We see a cave which is barred off. This reminds me of our sins, cast away and locked away from God so that we are made white as snow. 476 more words