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What are you are feeding your pet?

Have you ever looked at the ingredients on the back of your pet’s food? Do you understand them and if you do, do you know what is and isn’t good for them? 313 more words


What's going on around here?!?

Hi there. Long time no blog. It seems the minute I chose the word FOCUS as my 2015 word for the year, I promptly lost every bit of focus I ever thought about having. 129 more words


The Stranger

The dark stranger approached and a hush fell over the crowd. The tension was as thick as a hair ball horked into a bowl of porridge.


My Life As A One-Eyed Predator Pt. 9

Today I discovered the most amazing things in the world. The toilet seat. If you open it there’s water to play with inside! And if you lift it and let go then it makes a loud banging sound. 390 more words


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GUESS who got his wrestling metals back after giving them away to a kid on the bus?

Seth and Caleb knew just where the boy lived so Rich went with them for a quick visit.     440 more words

It's The Little Things