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A cat and his mouse

Never come between a cat and his mouse.

Bo: Mum found this pink mousie in her box of old cat toys. It’s mine now.

Kobi: 64 more words


Saturday Sunshine and Shenanigans

After forty days and forty nights of rain the sun finally decided to come out of hiding.

It even did it on a day when Mom doesn’t have to go to that office place. 83 more words


Opie in the window

Opie likes to get warm sleeping on the south window in the sun. 18 more words


15 Minutes of Fame on Caturday

I’m doing some printmaking featuring Lucy as the subject. Thoroughly unimpressed that she is the art star of this Caturday, Lucy snoozed on the cat tree through all phases of the process. 70 more words


Zoey the Cool Cat—Gone, long gone

Jim and Russel have moved several times since they met 21 years ago.

They celebrated their 21st anniversary May 26, but they were off the grid so they actually had to celebrate it by doing things together, like moving boxes! 844 more words


All cheese no Mac

Hi evfurry..Pickles here..just letting you know the Mum has a had a bad week..well today was the straw that broke this camels back..

Now i am not one to MOL at Mum..but MOL MOL..ok here goes..hey Doc don’t laugh ! 608 more words


When insomnia strikes and you get the munchies

Ripley actually loves chips despite her bitch look in this pic.

Snack buddies for life!