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Post 748: a bored kitty finds something to do...

I guess I’ve not paid Andy enough attention today because he’s exhibiting bored kitty behavior, specifically tearing up a magazine.

What a mess! “Idle paws are the devil’s workshop.” 49 more words

Andy The Persian Cat

Post 747: Andy's ready...where's everyone else!?

Poor Andy! He’s in a mood to play. He’s carried the wand string toy into the living room and started the yowl the boys use to call each other to come out and play. 63 more words

Andy The Persian Cat

Snake-Handling and the Rapture(Part 2 of Starry Night, Kathleen's Memoirs of the Great Depression)


You might want to go back and read this before reading Part 2


“When me an’ my brother Jim was boys, we heard they was gonna be having a camp-meeting at one of them snake-handlin’ churches up in the hills.  213 more words



There’s been quite a few kittens/cats in and out recently, so this week is a totally cat feature! Here goes:

These three kittens are new additions to the shelter, and they’re without a mom. 331 more words


Iggy loses his friend.


Yes, Iggy?

“This is my forever home, right?”

Yes, it is.

“Then how come the ones that actually make it a home don’t stay forever?” … 27 more words


How To (Properly) Take in a Stray Cat

Depending on where you live, you might have noticed a stray cat (or 12) running around your neighborhood. If you’re a cat lover, you’ve probably taken to beckoning to, petting, and/or feeding to the little guy, and might have even thought about taking him in as a pet. 291 more words