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April is Heartworm Awareness Month - please protect your pet!

If you have ever been in an veterinarian’s exam room with your pet, you’ve most likely seen it. “The jar.”  The jar filled with heartworms. If you are like most people (like me, for example), it is both horrifying and disgusting, and you prefer to look at the cute posters on the wall showing different dog and cat breeds. 634 more words


Conspiracy 4/1/15

Conspiring cats

Purr and hiss into my ear

“Give Fluffy the sack!”


Jinx, the Birthday Girl!

It seems like just last week when I brought a certain sleek, mysterious, little black cat home. At the time, she was no longer a kitten, but still not fully grown. 427 more words


DigiBirds April 1

This post describes and reviews “DigiBirds” with cats.
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When I was two, I was nearly new

It’s our birthday today. We are two years old!

We still hang out together.

And we still fight!

Quotes of the Day (really, selected poetry!) 171 more words


I'm at home all day...

workin in the kitchen and surrounded by the cats.