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The way of St. Francis.... and my way

As meaningful as the story of St. Francis’ conversion is, I have always struggled to understand how his way of imitating Christ, by becoming a beggar, relates to the living of my own life.

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Can Protestants reclaim Meditation and Contemplation?

I am always and anon searching in my way working towards what can be recovered from church history and seeing what needs to stay in the dust bin. 962 more words



Learning to wait for our Lord  and the Saints to put the work in place

Catholic Theology

Investigation of the Re-Applicability of Monastic Models to the Protestant Church: A brief forward:

Hello everyone, I’ve been mulling over writing this for a while now. I’m going to try and post a chapter a week, and see how it goes. 1,034 more words


A Theological Reflection: On the HUMANITY or Jesus

From error to error, one discovers the entire truth”  (Dr. Sigmund Freud, Austrian psychologist, 1856-1939).

Written by Charles W. Sidoti, BCC

Could Jesus, while he walked the earth, identify with Freud’s statement?  

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Love & the New Adam


Where Adam failed to Love Eve, so Jesus has undone, made right. By Christs death for ALL, He has shown what True Love… 50 more words


The Philosophy of Tolkien

“The polls revealed one important thing about The Lord of the Rings: that it is a classic, that is, a book loved by humanity, human nature, wherever it is found. 200 more words