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Editorial — A personal education

More than 1,400 teenagers are graduating from Catholic high schools in the Archdiocese of Louisville this month.

Flip through The Record’s annual graduation section — the B section of this week’s edition — and you’ll see the effects of this education. 568 more words


Mission Integrity: Holding On By Our FingerTips

School leadership, in modern times, is faced with challenges from every corner. Social, economic, religious and political. Catholic school leadership is facing these challenges but with the extra weight of keeping to the… 763 more words

Science and the Catholic Faith Mutually Exclusive???

Not on your life!

There’s no contradiction between Divine Revelation and Science … and in fact, scientists become more firm in their faith as the delve deeper into science. 51 more words


Bishop Fulton J. Sheen

I’m over the moon that I’ve finally found a site that has a quick way to access the video versions of Bishop Sheen’s talks.  Click… 195 more words


Choosing the Right Teaching Tools


is a super site to help choose what to use for your children’s Catholic education.  We all know that one program won’t be right for every child in your family, and you’ll end up with lots of material … but at least this information could help save time and you avoid frustration. 805 more words

Critical Thinking

Neo-Liberal Agenda and How They Present Three Important Challenges to Catholic Leadership.

Neo-liberalism refers to the adoption of private and social enterprise approaches to publicly funded education systems, often referred to as the new managerialism.

(Jim Gleeson, Australian Catholic University, Brisbane) 

1,088 more words

More on Communication Problems: the Contraception Edition

The more glaring example of the Catholic church’s inability to communicate with the lay public in the West is the overwhelming resistance to the church’s anti-contraception stance. 1,140 more words