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This Mummy needs some Self Care

It is becoming increasingly apparent that I desperately need some me-time. Fellow parents, you will understand. I have been doing the ‘stay-at-home-mother’ thing for four years now, and I am finally cracking under the strain. 329 more words

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Vampires Don’t Fart. Need I Say More?

Ha ha, that confused you, didn’t it? There I go, off on a random train of thought yet again. I will be honest, my Muse has awakened again, and she is feeling mischievous. 340 more words

Random Musings

Today it is #TimetoTalk about Mental Health Awareness

This week is proving rather a struggle for me. Actually, the past five years have been fairly difficult for various reasons. It has all started to culminate in one big issue, however. 403 more words

Catherine Green

A Week of Birthday Excess

Phew! That was a busy couple of weeks. I have been absent for a short time (sorry about that), but I have a good reason, I promise! 353 more words

Random Musings