I never thought to ask why

or wonder if others could even

question WHY

the validity of my craft is plain to see

laid bare for me and bleeding pregnant meaning… 91 more words

The Meal

The Meal
By: Natalie Howe

Hunched over a warm body, a bony spine bulges
from a small, pale figure feeding savagely upon flesh.
The figure uncurls to stand on strong hind legs, bloody… 434 more words


Hey, I'm Back!

Hey guys, I am back! I know, can you believe it? :)

Honestly, when I wrote my last post back in February, I really didn’t think I would make it back to this space. 146 more words


The Hardest Thing 

The hardest thing I’ve done in life hasn’t been learning by heart bio molecular cycles. 331 more words


St Ann's Well (opening)

St Ann’s Well

“There’s a charming little café by St Ann’s Well. It’s been there over a hundred years. After a long walk on the hills it’s a godsend.” 689 more words


Our Living Dance

author’s note:

During a week of national mourning, I decided to revisit and revise this poem.

It describes an event that may seem beyond belief… 562 more words

New Age

Ctrl + X

How I wish deleting
All this backed up and
Lingering negativity was
As easy as hitting the
Backspace or delete keys
Or perhaps a simple… 106 more words