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Just what is a planet anyway?

24 August 2006


International Astronomical Union conference

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A planet falls from the solar system.

I grew up with nine planets (refer to the above picture from a grade 3 project of mine), and while I’ll admit it still feels kind of odd to hear there are currently eight planets in our solar system, that’s just science, history and life. 694 more words

Academic Beef

About creativity, coffee and the need to think like a customer

Somebody told me about a very interesting TED talk on creativity. I was very intrigued, and decided to search for it when I got home. The person that mentioned the talk, said that the speaker discussed how starting to drink coffee (instead of beer) had had such a positive impact on creativity: people were lucid and energised for one; and they started meeting in coffee houses, which were great environments for exchanging ideas. 190 more words

Marketing In Everyday Life

Dysfunctional behaviour; Comparison between the DSM-5 and The ICD-10

THE DSM -5 and the ICD 10 are the most renowned classifications for mental illness used today.  As time goes on there is a ‘convergence’ between the two classification systems however, there are still some key differences.   254 more words


Cool Transition

First off, if anyone gets the reference in that title I’ll give you a cookie; oh for it to be early 2011 again.

Now, I will try to segue between baby animals, a postgender, postracial and postsexual society, and my own interpretations of these topics, drawing on my years of blogging and writing experience that have netted me positions on two sports societies’ committees, and the grand total of zero pounds in income. 347 more words

James' Posts

Content analysis: An introduction

By Gordon Rugg

I have very mixed feelings about content analysis. At its best, it gives you a new understanding of the world around you. At its worst, which I see all too often, it’s little more than an attempt to salvage mangled fragments of something useful from the wreckage of a questionnaire perpetrated by some sinner who deserves to be locked in a cell for a while with the assorted works of Barbara Cartland being read aloud over the intercom. 3,627 more words

Useful Concepts

How much is too much?

By Gordon Rugg

There are various well-established answers to the question of how much is too much. (Though being well-established doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re true…) 3,100 more words