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PEPPER - Can Read Your Emotions

Pepper Is The World’s First Robot That Can Read Your Emotions

 SoftBank is a Japanese tech firm that put up their first emotion sensing robot… 259 more words



Dubai is the land of glorious architectural structures. From Burj Khalifa to the Palm Islands, it seems that there is no stopping Dubai’s advancements in constructing all kinds of crazy concepts in the field. 271 more words


Dear Readers,
Hello! Happy July :) How are you doing? Hope you guys are doing great :)

Lately, I was at this Conventional store where I was trying to choose bread. 231 more words

Book Bingo!

So I’m working at Oxford University Press for the summer, and our office has just decided to start a book bingo competition using this website. The rules are pretty simple – the website generates a different bingo board for each person and you cross off the categories as you read a book which fits it. 57 more words

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Ferrari opens India bookings


          Hope Most came accross such a beautiful words by a automobile legend  Enzo Ferrari . For someone driving Ferrari is a passion , for someone it’s a dream .   325 more words


All new Hyundai Creta

Hyundai’s much-awaited SUV. Expected to be launched this month, the Creta is a Renault Duster-sized rival that’s expected to be priced at around Rs 8-12 lakh. 613 more words


Le traducteur en chef pour le Parlement européen parle 32 langues !

Apprendre une nouvelle langue est l’une des tâches les plus difficiles qui nécessite beaucoup de détermination et de travail. Être trilingue ou quadrilingue est déjà impressionnant, mais qu’en-est-il pour quelqu’un qui parle couramment beaucoup plus que trois ou quatre langues ? 54 more words