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Late Night Blogging with Mary: Part Two

Well I’m back with some late night blogging.

I hate that half of what I blog about is not being able to blog. I honestly think that it’s because I’m not used to it anymore. 462 more words


better unsaid

Some things are better left unsaid. So I text them.


bite bullet

The one who makes you bite the bullet is the one who calls the shots.


A family's catchphrases...

… According to a Blockmeister!

Uncle Paul: “Buns of steel, buns of steel, buns of steel!”

Uncle Ricka aka Plane: “Blockiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie!!”

Daddy: “Yoooooung, you are my best mate!” 34 more words


unwavering loyalty

Some people’s loyalty is unwavering. Though whom they’re loyal TO tends to drift.



Then there was the guy who lost his job when he was outnumbered. Three nines to his pair of sixes during working hours.


comfort zone

Most people’s comfort zone is some distance away from the brink. But close enough to see their competitors go over it.