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Kristen Stewart struggles in loneliness and isolation in Cataclysm

(Ho Chi Minh, 21 July 2011) Cataclysm, a newest science fiction movie of James Cameron, describes the lonely and isolated world after a terrible disaster, is going to release in Megastar Cinema in next Thursday. 257 more words

Public Relations

Which expansion broke you from your routine?

My altoholismâ„¢ is well documented on these pages and on other WoW related forums. It started when I first started playing back in January of 2009. 405 more words


Broken Futures: What Are Apocalyptic Movies Trying to Tell Us?

Apocalyptic events and dystopian post-apocalyptic societies have been recurring themes cooked up but the movie industry long before the poignant and iconic final scene of the original… 1,378 more words

Brave New World

Establishment fears cataclysm if Greece thrives

There’s a lot of fear among the moneyed interests across Europe and around the globe as the island nation of Greece fights with its debt and debtors over repayments and default. 20 more words

Cataclysm - Plans and Goals

So, now that I’ve got this blog up and running, I figured I should probably get some actual news and such out about my primary project that most people know me for: the Cataclysm Series. 260 more words


Precinct1313 Recommends: Batman - Cataclysm

“It is a foe Batman can see and hear… but cannot touch. It will strike only once… yet will change his life forever. Already weakened by a debilitating plague, Gotham City is struck by a devastating force of nature, an earthquake that registers over 7.5 on the Richter scale. 285 more words



Our atmosphere got so polluted it set on fire