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Mitama watches from the balcony.

He knows his brother is up here somewhere, shrouded in shadows, still and silent. He doesn’t look for him; it would be a pointless task. 6,219 more words

Short Stories

So you hate leveling, but have a problem with leveling speed buffs?

Do you know what really wipes my raid? People who moaning about boosts to XP gains making leveling being too quick. (This post is brought to you by someone moaning about SW:TOR having a double XP event for subscribers). 370 more words

World Of Warcraft

Does Blizzard play 'fair' with game design?

The goal of any good game, especially an MMO, is to keep you playing. Even more so when they can happily charge you a monthly fee to do so. 494 more words


Men, stop telling women what to do


In a previous recording I said I don’t know if it is justifiable to make it a law that

women have to cover their bodies in order to prevent all these problems stemming from the “fact” that young men cannot control themselves.

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Detective 721 - Robin catches key words

Dixon, Nolan and Janson handle chapter 15 of Cataclysm, in Detective 721(May 1998).  It’s another of those issues in which the story jumps around all over the place, trying to keep up with all the plots, but Dixon has shown himself particularly adept at these kind of tales. 201 more words

DC Comics

Detective 720 - swimming out of the Batcave

Dixon, Nolan and Janson are the creative team on Detective 720 (April 1998), chapter 5 of Cataclysm.  Gotham has been hit by a massive earthquake, leaving Batman trapped in the cave when Wayne Manor collapses.  201 more words

DC Comics

Detective 719 - bad news for Gotham

Detective 719 (March 1998) is billed as a prologue to Cataclysm, but only the last couple of pages deal with that storyline.  For the rest of the issue, Chuck Dixon scripts a story that hearkens all the way back to the 1940s classic, The Three Racketeers.  118 more words

DC Comics