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Chapter Eleven: Cataclysm

Even if wood elves had a maximum lifespan of four-thousand or more years, the average was only about two-hundred. The reason was pretty simple, the world was a dangerous place; even the strongest of monsters, could die from the smallest mistakes. 10,396 more words


Under the Surface

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Excerpts from a Work of Horror - 4

A serene calm moved across the valley like a ripple across a pond. Sunlight crept over the treetops shedding its first light of the day on a mosaic of leaves and brush covering the muddy ground, and the creatures of the forest scurried about their tasks with a sense of order and purpose. 2,107 more words

Short Stories

Killing in the Name of: Mount Drops

I did a guide like this a while ago, but it was rather badly made and I wanted to make a do-over. Not only that, but there’s MORE MOUNTS! 1,857 more words

World Of Warcraft

It Will Be Blood (LARP Fiction)

Mitama watches from the balcony.

He knows his brother is up here somewhere, shrouded in shadows, still and silent. He doesn’t look for him; it would be a pointless task. 6,219 more words

Short Stories

So you hate leveling, but have a problem with leveling speed buffs?

Do you know what really wipes my raid? People who moaning about boosts to XP gains making leveling being too quick. (This post is brought to you by someone moaning about SW:TOR having a double XP event for subscribers). 370 more words

World Of Warcraft

Does Blizzard play 'fair' with game design?

The goal of any good game, especially an MMO, is to keep you playing. Even more so when they can happily charge you a monthly fee to do so. 494 more words