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"Damn Girl!" Um, No.


It’s time to get this post up. First off, I don’t identify myself as a feminist but I do support many of their viewpoints. I don’t see why feminists get a bed rep. 439 more words

WordsofChris: Catcalling Video

Hey guys!

Today is Thursday and you know what that means! New Video on my Channel! I made a video about catcalling because I feel like it is a problem that is often ignored, or belittled and I am demanding that this type of behaviour is put to rest. 24 more words

Social Justice

What Are MPs Doing About Street Harassment?

First published by The Backbencher, 22nd May 2014

If you’re female and reading this article, you’ve probably experienced some form of street harassment. It doesn’t matter how old you are, what you’re wearing, what you’re doing or how much of a hurry you seem to be in. 755 more words


Affirmative Consent

As you may be familiar with most states use the ‘No Means No’  policy in response to sexual assault and rape on college campuses.
In ‘No Means No’ the burden of proof lies on the accusing, meaning it is up to the assaulted individual to provide evidence of some sort of resistance to their attack. 232 more words

Sexual Harassment Perpetuates Victim-Blaming, And It's Not Ok

Did you get catcalled on the street today? Maybe it was only with a “Hello, beautiful!” But it still triggered a rush of nerves and fear, as his stare followed your quickening shift towards the subway stop. 1,078 more words

Cat-Calling Season

The weather is finally getting warmer for the summer months, which is usually something that is relieving after months of cold, snowy weather. But warmer weather also means that most individuals will be wearing their summer clothes. 299 more words