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A rant about 'boys' and dressing for moi

So I had a hen party to attend yesterday one of my very gorgeous friends is getting married next Saturday ❤ as is traditional we had a theme “Hawaiian” and we all did a great job of pulling together some amazing and different outfits (there was at least 20 of us) this is what I wore (apologies its slightly blurred and horrifically cropped to hide the mess in my living room but you’ll get the jist of the outfit) 526 more words


Watch This Man Proceed To Cat Call In The Middle Of An Anti-Cat Call Report

In case you missed out, signs pointing out “anti-cat calling zones” are showing up all over New York in an effort to raise awareness about street harassment and possibly bring about a slight change in attitudes. 214 more words

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Feminist Rant: "Smile for Me"

It’s finally spring! I’m so happy I can finally get out of the house and take a walk–

“Smile, lady, smile,” said an older gentleman walking on the sidewalk. 176 more words


The 4 Words That Ruined My Day

Hey Everyone,

I’m not the sort of girl to go out to attract guys. I’ve never had a boyfriend (by choice) and I don’t intend to go and get one anytime soon. 779 more words


Cat-Calling Women Whilst Running needs to Stop. Here's Why.

So I love to run. I love fitness, generally. I yoga, I run, I dance, I do anything that gets me up on my feet. I especially love to get out there and move it when the sun is shining and it’s a beautiful day. 850 more words

Jobs, Cops, Shops.

I’ve ventured down my street to the Starbucks outside my gym that’s currently playing aggressively loud fusion jazz to write this entry (full disclosure: I have no idea what fusion jazz is, but it’s so shockingly loud in here, I’m having trouble focusing). 522 more words

Lynx Goes to the Post Office, Is Cat-Called by Ontario Woman

It’s Spring (except maybe in the Maritimes, where it will be Winter FOREVER)!

And in celebration of the new season, Elle Beaver‘s trusty Cat Correspondent in Chief brings you the Greatest Canadian Cat Video Of All Time. 263 more words