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Hollaback: Street Harassment Must End!

Even as a grown woman I am not immune to being harassed walking down the street. Ever since I was 12 years of age street harassment has been a part of my life and I don’t want that to continue for anymore girls. 168 more words

Sexism And Harassment

On Dating as a Feminist

A popular trope in today’s society is the idea of the Feminist Killjoy. In many people’s eyes, the Feminist Killjoy has a stick up her butt and has to tear everything apart. 1,294 more words


Trash men

This morning I feel hatred and hated.
Why hate is the right word here, I don’t know if I’m sure about that.
But when my mind went back to what I experienced for a few minutes and caught that word, stuff fell in place. 514 more words

Passers By

My writing is places: Cat-calling on Thought Catalog

Memo to the general male public: women do not owe you attention.

As I mentioned last week, I drove back to Wesleyan for Valentine’s Day weekend. 325 more words

That One Time I Verbally Assaulted A Group Of Teenage Boys At McDonalds

Let me make one thing clear: few places on Earth mean more to me than the McDonalds of Middletown, Connecticut. For four years of college, that little fast food oasis just off campus was my happy place—day or night, sober or hungover, with friends or flying solo. 1,516 more words

Gaynor Hall on Street Harassment

WGN TV’s Gaynor Hall talks with Roe Conn about  cat calling and street harassment and shares  with us a bit of her cover story in which she talks with a group of woman who are looking to spread awareness about this unwanted attention. 9 more words

Roe Conn

A Quick Stop in the Present

So today I was driving to my apartment from my parents. I was stuck on the highway in extremely slow traffic. There were multiple 18-wheelers scattered across the four lanes. 521 more words