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I don't look like her...

Summer is officially upon us, even though it’s raining here. If you’re on vacation somewhere far away from your house near a sea then congratulations I’m jealous of you. 676 more words


Cliffs of Moher & A Rant About Street Harassment

Doolin/Clare – Day 02 – June 29th 

Obligatory Cliffs of Moher post. If you’re even halfway impressed by photos of these big guys, you’re likely still underwhelmed. 648 more words


I was leaving Target.

I had made a plan with my friends to meet them for dinner, but I’d gotten off of work early and decided to head there to kill some time. 701 more words


How to Shut Up a Catcaller

To all the boys who’ve ever hooted:

I’m coming for you.

When the night is ink black, the wind will howl and your floorboards will reek of lavenders. 243 more words

A Glimpse Of Dana's Life

Etiquette Tips For Being Cat Called

’tis the season, I guess, for dealing with this. Here are some acceptable ways to respond to this fun social dance!

1. Flip ’em off. 82 more words


Catcalling: What is the point and what do people expect to gain

“To catcall means to whistle, shout or make a comment of a sexual nature to a person passing by”

In most cases, catcalling is often directed towards women, but men have been known to experience such harassment.

552 more words

Ladies, This Is How You Get Men To Never Catcall You Again

Ahh, the catcall — the unsolicited dick pick of real life. Every time a catcaller opens their mouth, you want to put a gun in it. 605 more words