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Post 748: a bored kitty finds something to do...

I guess I’ve not paid Andy enough attention today because he’s exhibiting bored kitty behavior, specifically tearing up a magazine.

What a mess! “Idle paws are the devil’s workshop.” 49 more words

Andy The Persian Cat

Post 747: Andy's ready...where's everyone else!?

Poor Andy! He’s in a mood to play. He’s carried the wand string toy into the living room and started the yowl the boys use to call each other to come out and play. 63 more words

Andy The Persian Cat

Post 746: a clever little monkey...!

It was bound to happen. “Someone” (AKA “Dougy”) figured out how to help himself to the little stash of wand toys stuffed in the end table. 157 more words

Cat Behavior

Post 745: Douggggg-eee...!

Some things have an “ick” factor that is greater than the actual ickiness of those things: It’s the idea of having kitty butt touching me, not the fact of it! 32 more words


Face Time

It was pretty calm today, no hissing or spitting or other drama.  Just the three kitties sitting out of sight of each other looking where they think the other one is. 83 more words


Fancy Lunch

Mama went to a fancy lunch and did not take me!