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Don't Mention It

I have gotten a few comments asking for more information about Harrison and his health. He’s really doing well and it seems that some of the things I worried about were just phases in the recovery that come and go and don’t mean much. 345 more words


Toy Time

I brought out Da Bird to play with….Rhea was game…

Davout was too cautious as usual, but watched from the back.

Harrison made a few tries for it, but was a little slow.   118 more words


Post 808: Caturday is for doing nothing much, and a lot of that!

Caturday is here at last! Time to bring out the Neko toy and get that chubby little Dougy hopping!

I guess Dougy knows better than me. 62 more words

Cat Behavior

Pleasant Evening

It was nice out today so I let everyone out into the back yard.  For a bit Rhea hung out on the patio.

There were some birds distracting the kittens. 38 more words


Quick Post

Slow night, which is good since I have had Anna’s door open with the gate across it all day. No drama has resulted, and it isn’t as fascinating as it was on day 1.   198 more words