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Cats have friends too

Many people think of cats as solitary creatures. But, did you know that free-roaming colony cats have complex social relationships? Cats engage in a variety of behaviors with one another such as allorubbing (one cat rubs against another), allogrooming (one cat grooms another), cuffing (one cat smacks another with its paw), sniffing, playing, laying together… and the list goes on! 382 more words


Napping Window

My favorite napping window is in Mama’s home office.


A Mighty Huntress, or Two

The afternoon was all about the first huntress, Rhea.  She came upstairs and was announcing her arrival loudly, which usually means she caught something.  And she had…the had fished the old “Da Bird” lure from where I had put it and brought it upstairs to play with. 429 more words


Post 697: In which Andy is mentioned in a comment, and that leads to his capture!

Susan P of the always charming blog  (link at end of post…!) commented in response to Post 695, ” Cats are definitely wily. And fast.” 234 more words


Something to Watch Out For

What does Rhea have her eyes on?

It’s Da Bird!

The last time the toy was out, the lure at the end was mangled to bits and totally ragged. 155 more words


Wind Advisory

A wind advisory will begin soon!