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Casey Stengel (1960 - Topps #227)

Charles Dillon “Casey” Stengel (The Old Professor) was a player (1912 – ’25) for 5 different teams and a manager for 4 teams, but is best known as the Manager of the New York Yankees (1949 – ’60) and Mets (1962 – ’65). 137 more words

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Is Casey Stengel the best Yankees manager ever?

Casey Stengel, also known as The Old Professor, managed the Yankees for 12 seasons from 1949-1960.  He led the team to 10 pennants, and won 5 consecutive WS Titles from 1949-1953.   341 more words

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The Winter Update

What does the ancient one do during the off season when the New York football teams are weak and the basketball teams are beyond hope? Besides the Rangers – and even the Islanders – there is the MLB channel. 686 more words

At The Blog of Funny Names, I offer my first Mets manager, Casey Stengel

Over at The Blog of Funny Names, I wrote my monthly offering about the first man to manage the first sports team I ever fell in love with. 222 more words


Casey Stengel Had a Funny Way of Being a Smart Guy

Watching the New York Mets on a bulky console black-and-white TV and hearing a curious old guy make men thrusting microphones into his face laugh by the way he mangled our language is one of my earliest and fondest little-kid memories. 1,467 more words

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37 Days Until pitchers and Catchers: #37 Casey Stengel. The Old Professor.

Number 37-Casey Stengel

Now this guy was a character.  When he spoke your head would spin. Newspaper reporters said he spoke his own language and even gave it a name, stangelese. 467 more words


What Greenspan Really Told Congress

By George P. Brockway, originally published July 17, 1995

TODAY’S LESSON will be in two parts. The first will be an exhibition of a complaint; the second an exhibition of a gleam of hope for better times in this nation and this world and even this dismal science. 1,727 more words

The Dismal Science