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Way of the Horse Oracle Deck Review

Way of the Horse: Equine Archetypes for Self-Discovery is a magnificent oracle deck by Linda Kohanov with paintings by Kim McElroy. The set is published by… 1,301 more words


Frida Kahlo, Rafael Tufiño, and Bernard Charles: How a Mexican, a Puerto Rican, and an American got me out of a rut

Ever since I wrote Tarot is the New Fad, I was stuck in a rut. It wasn’t that I couldn’t understand the message that the cards were saying; I was simply disgusted with the situation I was going through. 1,310 more words


What's new in the Lunahour Shop!

If it has been awhile since you’ve checked out the Lunahour Shop, you might want stop on by and have a look!

Some new readings I have available: 300 more words

Card of the Week: April 26 2015 to May 2 2015 - Page of Pentacles (Reversed)

This week will require being practical and realistic about events unfolding, especially with finances and even relationships. There may be a need where you will need to be trusting or trustworthy, or need to trust someone else. 40 more words


Card of the Day: April 26 2015 - Strength (Reversed)

You may be going through some difficulties at the moment which is testing your inner strength. The difficulties will eventually be overcome, but it will take effort and personal strength to do so. 44 more words


Card of the Day: April 25 2015 - Four of Cups (Reversed)

Today you may start to feel like you want to withdraw after all the excitement, action and energy that has been happening lately. You may want to withdraw and have time to contemplate over the events that have been unfolding. 55 more words


Tarot Pink, a Collaboration Deck: My Two of Wands

Tarot Pink for Cancer is a collaborative tarot deck project organized by Ron Leong, founder of Tarot eCards, a digital app for storing electronic versions of whole tarot decks on your smartphone. 1,840 more words