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My Review of the Haindl Tarot

I heard about the Haindl Tarot not too long ago through the grapevine of tarot readers I know. Yet this deck was first published back in 1990. 1,983 more words


Card of the Week: May 24 - 30 2015 - Five of Swords

You may encounter hostility and/or power games, in which there may be a “winner” and someone who is “defeated”. However, in the end, it may be a no-win situation in that there is no clear winner or victor. 97 more words


The Reality of Tarot & Stigma?

As much as tarot has become mainstream with variety of decks, angel tarot cards and oracles, and psychic fairs, online communities like on WordPress, Yahoo and Facebook, sadly there is still a slight stigma with tarot and tarot readers – or so I’m learning. 748 more words


Card of the Day: May 23 2015 - Nine of Swords

Is there something keeping you up at night? Are you stressed about the day to come or what is around the corner? Do you have a feeling that something is out of place, that something may be your fault in some way? 84 more words


Storytelling with Tarot - Snow White

As I’ve discussed with my articles in Telling Tales, using stories, myths and fairytales in conjunction with Tarot cards can add whole new layers to your interpretations.   868 more words


Crazy Amazing News

Hi everyone. So, as you might have guessed from the title of this post, something has happened: something insane and loopy and totally unexpected. Ready for it? 278 more words

Card Reading

What Kind of Advice are You Looking For?

Hello Tarot Folks,

Advice is one of the primary reasons that I go to the tarot and I’m confident that I’m not alone in that. Usually any spread I use will have an advice position, because I don’t just want information about the situation, I want some actionable steps that will help me move towards my goal, or towards resolving the situation. 456 more words