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In The Cards: 5 of Diamonds

Cartomancy, “telling fortunes” or seeing the future with regular playing cards is a very old practice. It’s roots are unclear…no unlike the blurry history of Tarot and its transition from game to oracle. 227 more words


This is why

A good Lenormand practice group will limit the decks you can post to things like the Blue Owl, Carta Mundi, Dondorf, Glück, Mertz, Piatnik, and other reproductions of decks first published prior to 1950. 351 more words


Lenormand: The Ship in a Grand Tableau

Key Words/Phrases for The Ship;

  • Travel
  • Movement
  • Journeys
  • International
  • Foreign
  • Transport

It is pretty obvious that The Ship is related to travel. Wherever The Ship appears, the reader can be sure that in one way or another it relates to the travel, journeys and transport. 1,384 more words

Fortune Telling

The Cartomancy Square of Nine

The Square of Nine (also known as the Box Spread or the 3X3) is a popular layout that is traditionally used with the Lenormand cards. There are several different version of the Box Spread that vary in terms of the order in which the cards are laid out, the meanings assigned to each column and row, and how the cards are combined and interpreted. 974 more words


On the off chance you missed this

Every card in the Tacheles/Adolph Engel deck is duplicated in the Gypsy Witch. In fact, the Gypsy Witch is just a Tacheles deck with the addition of the Shepherd, Bear, Eye and Lion. 105 more words


New Faces of Tarot: BuzzFeed Article

I wrote a Community Post on BuzzFeed about the Millennial generation of tarot professionals. I reached out to my arm’s length network of both tarot professionals and the professionals of other industries who seek the counsel of tarot professionals. 219 more words


Cartomancy Dream Interpretation

The playing cards are a wonderful tool for exploring dreams. They can reveal the hidden motivations and unconscious fears behind the dreams; and may bring forth important messages from the subconscious mind. 538 more words