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We adore costumes!

One of the best parts of being in a magical theatre production is wearing costumes you might never ever wear in actual life.

Take a look at some of the amazing fabrics that will help bring the show to life…


Will you, won't you join the dance?

Ladies & Gentlemen,

Have you RSVP’d to a lovely afternoon with tea, cake, fun and a pinch of strangeness?

It’s a very simple thing to do – all that is to required is to follow a link, choose a date & click and that’s it! 123 more words


Carroll or Chekhov? №1

Welcome to our latest game, where you have to guess who’s quote this is – that of Lewis Carroll or Anton Chekhov!

The correct answers will be summed up and will lead to a prize! 37 more words


Last summer...

We believe that atmosphere is queen in any theatrical endeavour.

We also believe that this picture from last summer is full of Wonderland…


DIY Magic

The Ladies of ‘But a Dream’ are not only beautiful and enchanting actors (and director), but also are capable of creating loveable creatures out of household materials! 7 more words


Liverpool: the mugs of the transfer window?

So we’re how many weeks into the transfer window? And Liverpool are already off to flying start in the transfer window! And by that I mean they’ve been the most laughable club on the continent. 442 more words


What's the scene?

What on earth could we be rehearsing?

Any idea who this beautiful blonde lady might be?