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Carried Away #4: Liar

“You liar,” one says to the moon. “You are naught but a string of silver lies, a feeble reflection of something infinitely greater than you. You are just phases of uncertainty, one that is too dependent on something else to make you beautiful.” 82 more words

Carried Away

We’re so excited today to release the next pattern from our Spring 2015 collection – the Carried Away totebag!! Isn’t she stunning???

(Did you notice how we just jumped right into the release without explaining why we haven’t posted in 6 weeks again? 377 more words


Carried Away

Free to Roam the Sky

Carried away in Silence

With the Morning Breeze

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Carried Away #3: I want to tell

I want to tell, oh, there is so much that I want to tell: how the shards of hurt are not nearly small enough to to be kept neatly tucked away in the corners of my heart; how my brain feels like exploding from the pressure of unsaid thoughts; how regretful it is to see things as how they can be yet, unable to do anything to make it happen. 255 more words

Carried Away #2: True Friends?

Friendship feels true when you’re sitting with them, laughing and thinking, oh boy, this is funny. Friendship feels true when you are window shopping and you look at something and say, “oh, that’s pretty!” at the same time. 567 more words