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27 Ways You Are Not Carrie Bradshaw


2. You are not able to afford your own Upper East Side apartment with the income from one newspaper column.

3. You would have just gone to the damn country house and not made such a BFD about it.

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YouTube Takeover: Advice

YouTubers are pretty much creating content in all different areas, which makes ‘advice’ channels not so out of the box anymore!

Here are a few channels that I think are great because they genuinely care about their viewers and their issues. 156 more words


Sometimes I think I take pop a bit too seriously, because it irks me to this day that Jill Sobule isn’t a superstar. In the mid-nineties I was briefly part of her UK “street team,” although I only did it to get a free exclusive CD and I didn’t take my responsibilities seriously enough. 372 more words

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Book Review: Carrie by Stephen King

****Spoiler Alert****

Carrie. A true underdog story…

That is if you consider a teenage girl, who kills all her classmates and destroys her town in the process, an underdog. 305 more words


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I really like this song by Carrie called `Caring Sharing Song`. Obviously this was back when Zac was their bass player.

I think Carrie only produced the one album `Fear of Sound`  though I could be wrong, anyone feel free to enlighten me if I am. 54 more words

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Carrie review

Title: Carrie
Author: Stephen King
Rating: 4 stars

I’m slowly starting to become a semi-respectable English major by reading as many “classics” as I can (but still making time for my adored YA novels, of course). 435 more words