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Story A, B, and C inserts (The Life of Char Carradine)

Story A

We met for my visit at JC Penny cause Kathy needed to do some shopping.  So Kathy is going about her shopping while I had Delya.   609 more words

Char Carradine

Still Alive in Here

So here I am more important than I actually Have
felt I was worth.Life has sowed me many different
possibilities, especially when I unexpectedly 
cross path with someone from my past, and hear 
them speak highly of me. 94 more words
Char Carradine

The life of Char Carradine

   Found a pen and some paper.  It does not matter how I look at it, it just does not matter.  You can be mad at me till the end of time.   2,036 more words

Char Carradine


Thinking about life, and it leads me to wonder. Am I to lead a life of solitude? Has my chance at love come and gone? Letting go is not an easy thing to do, and I do not think the pain of losing love ever goes away. 245 more words

Char Carradine

Old Ferret

There once lived an old ferret.
All he cared about is getting a carrot.
Then there came the day when he just didn’t care.
Because he felt the world was so unfair.

25 more words

Char Carradine

What We Make Of It

People are often given different names,
and we are clearly not the same.
I met someone not to long ago,
I could see her in her own little flow.

66 more words

Char Carradine

Eye of The Beholder

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
My eyes have changed since I’ve gotten older.
There is one whose beauty holds my eye.

41 more words

Char Carradine