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The Book of Changes

The featured photo on this page is a picture of my ancient, tattered, dearly loved, original first copy of the Chinese classic book the Yi Jing.  981 more words

Confucius On The Bund

When the sun came through my window

The backs of the butterfly wings caught fire and it was a deep-blooded copper glow when the sun came through my window, the backs, and it has come to represent so much more, the stained glass pane my mom and dad made because of course it would, they do, as symbols: the symbols are no different than any other detail in our days, by virtue of themselves they’re inseparable, the same as the divine we never notice but sometimes in dreams.



The word ‘happiness’ would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness.

~Carl Jung


Carl Jung: "We are prejudiced in regard to the animal."

We are prejudiced in regard to the animal.

People don’t understand when I tell them they should become acquainted with their animals or assimilate their animals. 82 more words

Carl Jung

Carl Jung on “Depression.” Lexicon.

Carl Jung on “Depression.” Lexicon.


A psychological state characterized by lack of energy.

Energy not available to consciousness does not simply vanish.

It regresses and stirs up unconscious contents (fantasies, memories, wishes, etc.) that for the sake of psychological health need to be brought to light and examined. 173 more words

Carl Jung

Extroversion Eludes Me

Extroversion eludes me.

I’m not naturally extroverted. Is that ok? My parents have been divorced since I was about 15. My father works all day, and I’m home all day. 334 more words

Mental Health

Carl Jung on “Crucifixion.” Lexicon

Carl Jung on “Crucifixion.” Lexicon


An archetypal motif associated with conflict and the problem of the opposites.

Nobody who finds himself on the road to wholeness can escape that characteristic suspension which is the meaning of crucifixion. 55 more words

Carl Jung