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Carl Jung on “Motivational Concepts”

Dr. Evans: One question which is quite important as we attempt to understand the individual centers around the problem of motivation, why
the person does what he does. 1,322 more words

Carl Jung

"You are swimming in it; your daughter is drowning"

“…the author fell back on the well-known consultation James Joyce had with Carl Jung with regard to Joyce’s schizophrenically ill daughter. Jung explained about the loosening of associations in the disease, to which Joyce replied that this precisely was what he did in his writing.

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How is Mythology Created?

“The hero is the one who, while still alive, knows and represents the claims of the superconsciousness which throughout creation is more or less unconscious. The adventure of the hero represents the moments in his life when he achieved illumination–the nuclear moment when, while still alive, he found and opened the road to the light beyond the dark walls of our living death.” (Joseph Campbell… 2,155 more words


Adventure Time

I’ve decided that this week will be sort of experimental in of itself, and since I’m going to be house sitting for a week and consuming a ton of media, I might as well fill my time with some writing. 464 more words

Carl Jung

Carl Jung on the "Intuitive Extrovert" and "Intuitive Introvert."

Dr. Evans: More specifically, what would be an example of the difference between an intuitive extrovert and an intuitive introvert?

Dr. Jung: Well, you have chosen a somewhat difficult case, because one of the most difficult types is the intuitive introvert. 1,253 more words

Carl Jung

Dr. Jung on misconceptions about "Types.

Dr. Evans: Of course, one of the very common misconceptions, at least in my opinion, about your work among some of the writers in America… 812 more words

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Carl Jung on Introversion-Extraversion and Fantasy

Dr. Evans: Dr. Jung, another set of ideas, original with you and very well known to the world, center around the terms “introversion” and
“extroversion.” I know that you are aware that these terms have now become so widely known that the man on the street is using them… 721 more words

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