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Hurt Homeless Pup Gets A Second Chance

After getting a call about a pup that was hit by a car, this team springs into action to help out.  However, when they arrive they must try to figure out if the pup is injured, scared, or… 8 more words


Posts from 'Perspectives'..... a blog of the journey with dementia - No 3

There is nothing worse than having to sit and listen to the same old story over and over again. But one aspect of dementia means that as your loved one loses the ability to retain anything they will repeat the same old things. 449 more words


Respect animals and pets and take care of them lovingly

I have been reading posts about people leaving pets at the vet’s, in the forest. Abandoning them and never coming back. They throw them away like rubbish. 129 more words


The grass of summer

The fragrance of fresh-cut grass to me,

will always be the smell of summer in the city.

Above all the vehicle fumes,

the sweet scent of flowers in bloom, 52 more words


An Encounter With A Philanthropist

Hey! there my name is Forbes* (I am a rich jerk very often an idiot too) I
am a multimillionaire as described by a very popular list.  544 more words


God’s Blessing

I think of old Jerusalem

a half a world away

Of when it flowed with blessing

they thanked God every day

They built a great stone temple… 246 more words

Assemblies Of God

To care

I don’t care About what you have to say

You mutter at me

as you move on your way
I don’t care

About other folks troubles… 292 more words