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Orginal Apple logo returning


Apple resurrects original six-color rainbow logo to celebrate diversity

CUPERTINO, California — April 1, 2015 — Apple® today announced that the company will resurrect the original rainbow Apple logo ahead of Apple’s 40th anniversary of the company’s founding on April 1, 1976 and also as an affirmation that Apple, an American company, believes that America must be a land of opportunity for everyone, in a diverse rainbow of colors, including race, religion, sexual orientation, and more.

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Cargo Cult Worlds

Wikipedia's response to Gamergate harrassment demonstrates an out of balance organization

How Wikipedia Got Sucked Into A Gamergate War

Late last summer, the internet was suddenly abuzz with the controversy known as Gamergate. The crux of the heated public debate was sexism in video game culture, but it quickly spiraled into dangerous territory.

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No way is the WSJ correct on its sales numbers for the gold Apple Watch

Paging Auric Goldfinger

Josh Centers does some back-of-the-envelope math to estimate how much raw gold Apple might need for Apple Watch Edition production:

There are two conclusions we can draw from this scattering of data.

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More instances of the high tech capitalist selling the rope to their own hanging

SSL-busting code that threatened Lenovo users found in a dozen more apps

The list of software known to use the same HTTPS-breaking technology recently found preinstalled on Lenovo laptops has risen dramatically with the discovery of at least 12 new titles, including one that’s categorized as a malicious trojan by a major antivirus provider.

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How being WEIRD is a good thing

We Aren’t the World

IN THE SUMMER of 1995, a young graduate student in anthropology at UCLA named Joe Henrich traveled to Peru to carry out some fieldwork among the Machiguenga, an indigenous people who live north of Machu Picchu in the Amazon basin.

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Green bubbles existed before blue bubbles

Being Green

Paul Ford:

A few months ago my friend Edd Dumbill shared a discovery. He pointed out that if you search Twitter for the words “

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Liberal/Conservative – More data supporting intuitive, System 1 thinking vs analytical, System 2


Study: Oh Yes, We Can Change Conservative Minds

This is something many of us have been saying for a while. A substantial number of Americans hold both conservative and progressive views, and this study indicates that yes, …

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