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The economic power of slaves sure sounds familiar

 Measuring the Value of a Slave

Slavery was an ancient practice on the North American continent. Within the colonies that became the United States, slavery first appeared in Virginia in 1619.1 It was legal in all the British colonies, but it was practiced on a larger scale in what became the US South and the British Islands of the Caribbean. 458 more words


The politcal micromanagement of science by Congress continues

House of Representatives approves bill cutting Earth science, energy funding

The full House has now passed a new America COMPETES Act, which sets funding priorities for scientific research at several government agencies. 882 more words


Maybe older engineers should look to NewSpace

64-year-old engineer sues Google for age discrimination

A California man named Robert Heath has filed an age-discrimination lawsuit against Google in federal court, seeking to form a class action of workers who allege they were denied a chance to work at the search giant because of their age. 203 more words


How the next technological revolution starts

There has been, and continues to be, a lot of discussion about what sort of technology will change everything – 3d printers, AI, space.

That is the wrong way to look at it. 344 more words