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The wisdom behind detachment with love

My Grandmother is 84 years old. Her childhood was spent during the Great Depression in rural Ontario. Of course, like many during this time period, Grandma learned what it was like to go without, and not to take anything for granted. 710 more words


Encouraging vs. Fixing

As my younger daughter begins to stabilize, I find that there are some people in my day-to-day life wanting to fill that space desiring the same degree of attention that I have devoted to caregiving and, in most cases, they have no intention of doing the work. 334 more words

I'm not hungry, I just ate.

As many people age they begin to lose their appetites, they often don’t feel hungry.  Part of this comes from the fact that as their activity level diminishes their caloric needs diminish as well.   374 more words


Writing About Dementialand

If you asked me in the first grade what I wanted to do when I grew up, I’d say I wanted to be a writer. If you had asked me a year earlier, I’d had said I wanted to be a gas station man because I liked the smell of gasoline. 815 more words


Peace and Quiet

I was fortunate to spend some time by myself this weekend…grateful.

Media on Dementias and other stuff, reprise

Oh, and I forgot St. Vincent in my last post. That was the film last year that I most appreciated, but I won’t tell you how dementia shows up. 974 more words