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Are you looking for information about I-Manifest for your students or their parents? Click here for our information booklets:


Imanifest students

(If you want to refresh your memory about us, we’ve also made a booklet for you! Click here: Imanifest Teachers)

Teacher Resource

How a family of refugees turned a bakery into a dessert powerhouse

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, you may have sampled a brownie bite, madeleine, or palmier made by Sugar Bowl Bakery; they can be found at the likes of Costco , Kroger , and Wal-Mart . 1,188 more words


How to Get the Feedback You Need - HBR

You know you need feedback to learn and grow, yet most people are not good at asking for it.

While receiving feedback can be “a stressful experience,” here are some great ideas about specifically how and why we should request it more often: 8 more words

Focused Coaching


In social media, LinkedIn is something of a grey area for many. Part social platform, part networking tool, the ways in which we use the tool vary hugely from one user to another. 539 more words


An article originally by Andy Orin found on Lifehacker here: http://lifehacker.com/career-spotlight-what-i-do-as-a-research-geologist-1690402642

It’s appealing to think that a geologist spends most of their time scouring remote landscapes with a rock hammer and a magnifying glass, but in reality they spend more time in a laboratory than a Land Rover.

1,275 more words

I'm Back!!

I’ve been so busy traveling for work and planning my Bar passage party that I’ve been slipping on posting my awesome blogs. Stay tuned for my upcoming blogs on… 23 more words