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The Scamp All Packed

but ready to go?

Today I moved the last of my things that will not be going with me to Scotland. All of my pots, pans, Tupperware, cooking utensils, forks, knives, and a desk that I barely used, but did serve as a secure place for all my bills, pay stubs, and kept all of my notes, textbooks, and school related things while I was working on my MA. 416 more words

Before I Leave


The choice of a profession is undoubtedly one of the important things to consider nowadays. I have been a bit sad in the past few days since my son has to go back to our hometown to pursue his college studies. 335 more words

Drinks & Designers

The other night after work I had attended an event with a few colleagues that was hosted by a design agency called Cibo that used to work with us. 1,088 more words

A job that's just right

Almost two years ago, I chose happiness over my career.

I was five years into a job in environmental consulting, focused specifically on air quality. While I loved being in the environmental field, some elements of this job made me dread going into work. 744 more words


Decisions, decisions...

Would you rather work your current job for the next year at double your current rate of pay OR have the next year off at your regular pay?

Would you rather...

Would you rather have a boring, repetitive job that pays $90,000 per year or an engaging job that you really enjoy but it only pays $45,000 per year?