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Why Failing is Actually Good?

Dude, Are you crazy? How can you even say that failing is good when the world is filled with successful people succeeding everyday? How can failing help me reach my goals?  457 more words


Something new

Its a start of something new,

You are being part of someone’s crew.

Good luck for all the excitements and fun,

May there be no dull day, absolutely none. 16 more words

Short Poem

30 Day Blog Challenge - #6

Day #6 – If You Could Have Any Job in the World, What Would it Be?

This is like a constant struggle of mine. I have a few passions so I have a few dream jobs. 514 more words


Astrology July 1, 2015: Full Moon in Capricorn, Cosmic Quote of the Day

(Today’s Planetary Aspects: Venus conjunct Jupiter, 3:51 am; Moon opposite Mars, 1:32 pm; Sun trine Neptune, 5:10 pm; Moon sextile Neptune, 9:59 pm; Moon opposite Sun, 10:20 pm. 547 more words


Pinch Myself!

I can remember the moment almost ten years ago when I told T, “Someday I’m going to work for The N…”  At the time, it seemed like a pipe dream or a joke.   499 more words


On to the Next

Asymmetric risk is a concept I first learned from a global investment business man. His description was that small risks lead to bigger rewards. “Of course,” he said “you don’t want to take stupid risks because then you’ll just lose money, but the right kind of risk, in the right direction will always lead to a reward down the line.” It was a metaphor regarding my move to Montréal, which I endeavoured on two days after this conversation. 508 more words