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We Did It - Thank You Take Ten!

I got an intriguing voice mail from my sister-in-law Sherry the other day; I was out grocery shopping and I heard this: “Val, I just left a message on your home phone… I’ve got very good news… call me!” I figured this must have to do with stamping, so I called her right back and she could hardly contain her excitement when she told me that we had finally achieved a goal we had been working toward for a year – we both got our cards published in the same issue of  Stampington & Company’s… 156 more words


Topiary Thanks

When someone does something special for you, you want a special way to say thank you … So, when my mom treated me to lunch and gave me some extra money for the Great Lakes Mega Meet, I wanted to thank her in a way she would really enjoy. 144 more words


A Rose by Any Other Name...

Here is another nice example of my sister Karla’s work, made into a thank-you note for a recent birthday gift. While most of my sisters use rubber stamps in their papercrafting, Karla does pen and ink drawings, and this dot technique is something that she learned as a high school art student in Vermont. 157 more words


Blue Butterfly Birthdays

I’m on the Love My Tapes Blog today with this card … check it out!


Flower & Doily Card

A simple card made in the Ladybird Lab for my dear fiend, Alison Frank-Quick.

Miss you lots Ali!!

Lots of ladybird love to you, Josh, Lucca & little Sammie.

Tasneem xxx

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