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Believing in Miracles

Not long ago I posted a blog about a painting I made that contained the phrase “Believe in Miracles.”

Alida was originally scheduled for the Glenn on 6/2/14. 313 more words

Cardiac Baby

Up in the Air

Alida is all settled in the CICU. They were keeping her pretty sedated as her cath site in her right groin was spasming and they didn’t want her moving. 430 more words

Cardiac Baby

Three Time's a Charm?

The cath RN was wrong during the first update. They got the artery cath in her right groin successfully. The vein cath was unsuccessful in her right groin and her left groin so they entered through the right side of her neck. 267 more words

Cardiac Baby

On the Road Again

We headed down to Milwaukee at 2pm yesterday. We stopped part way and gave Lucie a bottle. Alida was quiet and smiley the whole way down. 227 more words

Cardiac Baby

11 Month Photos & A Quick Update

Alida was off oxygen from 6/11-6/26. It was a wonderful two weeks of freedom. Then she got another cold and had to go back on oxygen. 303 more words

Cardiac Baby

We Need More Loveys in This World

Brian and I started this blog a year ago. It’s initial intent was to keep everyone updated as to how the pregnancy was going as well as be an outlet for Brian and I. 285 more words

Cardiac Baby