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Unicorns Are Real

Autumn finished her latest Lego creation.

“Look, Daddy!” she said. “It’s a park house!”

“A park house,” her father said. “What’s that?”

Autumn explained that a park house was a special place where people could rest and eat snacks while they played at the park. 630 more words


3d comp. 1:1 in composition 

for the replica I chose to make was a guitar hero video game controller. It is big and has crisp strong edges for an easy capability to hold easily to “play” this instrument duplicate. 71 more words

3d artist talk representation

representative artist-object example I chose is Chris Gilmour. He makes many different sculptures out of cardboard to a very realistic. Some examples of what he does are like transportation vehicles, people, simple objects, Etc. 33 more words

HMS Alert pt. 3 (and other stuff)

Only a fairly quick update on HMS Alert tonight, although the reason for the delay in getting on with it will become readily apparent when you get to the second half of the post. 399 more words


Makerspace Materials, Part 3

In this third part of materials to include in your makerspace, I would like to focus on the “other” things.  Not technology. Not tools. But raw materials. 123 more words

Technology In Education

Stand for a yellow rose

This was a birthday gift for one of my family members. My sister did a beautiful yellow rose out of modelling clay but it needed a place to sit. 286 more words