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Taking a stand- Keiron Green


These are the words that we don’t hear enough. We live on Earth. A place that decided to allow us to inhabit it not the other way around. 91 more words

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Advertise - Keiron Green

Its simple, just like for every big mac, taco, or kit-kat bar we need to advertise more. We don’t put enough attention to throwing climate change into peoples faces as much as we throw eating out. 78 more words

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Let's fight against climate change before it's too late

Whilst climate change seems to be all the rage in the manifestos of politicians up and down the country, it made me think about what can we actively be doing more of to combat the damage we’re doing? 260 more words


A Look at Commercial Solar Energy

We all hear a lot about solar energy when we bring up sustainability. I, personally, have focused a great deal on infrastructure and the market for solar on a broader scale in past posts. 373 more words

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We’re geeks, and you know what we’re utterly shit at? No, not social interaction, that’s a given, it’s in the name, no, I’m talking about our impact on the Planet. 309 more words


Not About Global Warming

Bill Nye the Science Guy took to Twitter today, celebrating Earth Day with his awkward, unpopular friend, Obama, by burning a crazy amount of fossil fuels in Airforce One. 612 more words

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Attention Grades 4 + 5!

This post is especially for Grades 4 and 5! Here is a list of good websites to find data to back your PSA messages:

Grade 5