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Paris Has Turned the Eiffel Tower Into a Wind Energy Machine

Just how serious is Paris about cutting the City of Light’s carbon footprint? Serious enough to install two wind turbines on the iconic Eiffel Tower. 158 more words


Ask These Sea Lion Pups if THEY Think Global Warming Is Real

Baby sea lions are being stranded and beached by the hundreds off of the West Coast.  Rising ocean temperatures are thought to be the culprit, disrupting their prey’s normal range and causing them to either swim into deeper waters or farther away from the shores.  938 more words

Wildlife Conservation

Your Kids Have Allergies? Maybe Your Dishes Are Too Clean

(WTNH) I’ve been thinking about automatic dishwashers lately.  I know, I lead a wild and crazy life, right?  Well as it happens, dishwashers happen to be in the news today; not pertaining to my thoughts — I’ll get to that in a minute — but about what using dishwashers could mean to the health of your children. 418 more words


Living small: Less space, less stuff means more time, lighter load for four B.C. households

THERE’S MORE THAN one way to swim against the consumerist tide. The latest word from Statistics Canada is that Canadian household debt is at record highs, and rising faster than disposable income. 2,467 more words


Should you audit your carbon footprint?

There are many reasons why a business should recycle and want to reduce their carbon footprints. Some of the Fortune 500 companies are calculating and reporting their carbon footprint and their plans to reduce their impact on the environment. 152 more words


Join me at Zero Kitchen

Join me on my adventure to try to create a zero impact kitchen. Zero Kitchen is about doing as little harm as possible outside the kitchen while creating fresh healthy and nutritious food for family and friends. 320 more words


Nothing but Green Skies If You Fly These Airlines

What’s in a jet fuel? If you’re flying on one of these environmentally friendly airliners, vegetable oil, desert plants, or some other biofuel concoction could be powering the engines. 514 more words