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How To Get Your Hands On The Best Low Carb Recipes | Fit For Life Being

Telling yourself that you want to lose weight and get a fitter and healthier body is always easier said than done. In fact, you’ve probably made losing weight one of your top priorities on your new year’s resolution for several times already but you still have not acquired that dream bod you’ve been longing for.…

Adding Sweet Potatoes to Your Diet

The media and health information sites have been talking a lot about sweet potatoes recently and for good reason. They are low-calorie and packed with nutrients. 297 more words

Food Science

Keto (The Human Torch Diet)

Hi everyone,

Today were going to talk about the Keto Diet.

Keto is named as such due to the state of Ketosis your body enters when following this plan. 937 more words


Why NALFA Certification is Essential for Laminate Floor Products

There has been concern and controversy these past couple of months associated with the safety standards of laminate tile. Specifically, it has been suggested that imported laminates coming out of China may have serious health consequences. 445 more words


The Dreaded Scale

(Just a regular scale — Thanks Google Images!)

I’ve been doing some Internet reading: websites, blogs, Facebook posts, etc. There is a lot of controversy out there regarding use of scales at home. 339 more words


What to Do When Experts Disagree About Product Safety

Many of you may have heard about or watched the 60 Minutes feature on formaldehyde and laminate wood flooring. In it we learned that Global Community Monitor filed a lawsuit against Lumber Liquidators saying it had conducted more than 50 tests on flooring products, and the results showed average initial formaldehyde exposures to be more than 100 times the amount allowed by CA Prop 65. 941 more words


Baked Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes are one of my favourite vegetables, so simple to prepare, full of goodness, a great source of carbohydrate and tasty when baked, roasted, fried or eaten raw. 60 more words