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Product Review: MYProtein Cookies

Taste: Let me just preface this first category by saying: Taste is not important to me. I eat foods I like, but when it comes to supplements, I take them because they work. 268 more words


it's amazing I feel very good

I read recently that fasting can help the body and I wondered how? What is strange to me how taking in less food could be good for an individual, I have mostly thought of the body as a car. 117 more words

Low Carb Pancakes

Breakfast is a weird time for me, simply because I don’t always feel like it. And when you then look at the classic breakfast options, like oatmeal, bagels, cereal, and blablabla, it becomes obvious they are all not on team “low carb”. 198 more words


Low Carb Protein Cheesecake

I know, I know. Weird first post. Losing weight with cheesecake? Buuut, in my defense, I decided to create this blog hours after I had cooked my first actual low carb meal. 287 more words


Flexible Dieting.........What?

So starting off we would like to say thank you to all our clients for the opportunity to help you all this past year!
We will continue to give you all applicable useful information through our newsletters and ask that that if you have friends or family that could use this information we would appreciate you forwarding this to them! 932 more words


Nutrition Basics

You might own a Ferrari, but if you don’t put quality fuel in the tank it won’t run as it should. Food is fuel, and anyone who tells you that diet is the most important part of fitness is spot on. 940 more words


Exclusive Preview of 1000toys CaRB prototype!

We had the opportunity to play with an early sample of 1000toys next exciting release, their 1/6 collectible, CaRB!
Check out the video below!

To Yuta for shooting this sample to me, thanks pal! 62 more words