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Let's Eat!

One of the things I don’t really have figured out is food.  I don’t know what I’m going to do about eating, because I’m not going to be cooking – at least not at first.  343 more words

Stealth Camping

Now I lay me down to sleep

This morning I drove around Berkeley a little at 6:00am, and I think I have a good idea of some places I can sleep.  I saw other vans parked in some areas.   340 more words

Stealth Camping


Not having a van is the number one obstacle I have.  But as mentioned, this obstacle will be overcome.  I’m going to borrow my Dad’s van starting August 1, 2015.  579 more words

Stealth Camping

Why Van?

My family thinks I’m both crazy and brave.  But mostly crazy!  Why am I moving into a Van?  Because….. so many reasons!  Geez!  Where to start! 594 more words

Stealth Camping

Which Van?

There are a couple minor things that are keeping me from moving into a van…like right now…. today… the way I want to… And one of the major obstacles is that I don’t actually have a van yet!   470 more words

Stealth Camping

Into the Van!

Good Morning van dwellers and curious minds!

Welcome to the beginning of my van experience!  I’ve been reading a lot of blogs on van dwelling, traveling and stealth camping because I have been considering moving into a van myself.   277 more words

Stealth Camping

TORSO FOUND IN BACK SEAT: Torso Owner Reportedly Unharmed

This morning I was so bored, I took the backseat out of my car. It really opened up some space in there. I climbed in and laid down. 90 more words