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Aquarium response to dolphin death reveals fundamental truth about captivity

Another of Vancouver Aquarium’s cetaceans has died, only three months after their beluga Nanuq passed away at SeaWorld.

Hana was one of the aquarium’s two remaining captive pacific white-sided dolphins, imported from Enoshima Aquarium in Japan several years ago. 668 more words

Vancouver Aquarium

We Need To Rethink Our Relationship With Animals - Starting With Zoos

It is 2015 and across the country, and indeed across the world, animals are imprisoned for our own viewing pleasure. The happiness and well-being of these magnificent creatures is secondary to our own amusement. 2,866 more words

Paddy Vipond

Foto Friday: The Distance

He looks out into the distance, eyes trying to focus on the hope of what is beyond–beyond his glass walls, beyond his patch of withering grass, beyond his captivity.


PETITION - Free the Wolves in the Throne Room!

Nothing is crueler than keeping animals in captivity for human entertainment. Do your part today and help free these poor wolves that have been imprisoned in the throne room for 13 years now. 666 more words

General Weirdness

Kiss the Dolphin!

Two months ago I swam with dolphins in Hawaii. They were not wild dolphins, but had been born in captivity, or as our dolphin trainer politely corrected me, they had been “born under human care”. 613 more words


Born to be Wild & Free: African Lion Safari Opening Demonstration

Born to be Wild & Free: African Lion Safari Season Opening Demonstration

Sunday May 31st – 12pm-3pm

On May 31st, The Hamilton Animal Liberation Team (HALT) invites you to join them in a gathering at African Lion Safari to speak out against animal captivity and the mistreatment of animals at the park. 491 more words

Daily Dialogue: Hearts in Captivity

You’re awake now. Splendid.

Who are you? Wh-where am I?

You, my dear, are in a world of shit, I’m afraid. I’m also the last face you’ll ever see. 830 more words