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I saw this film, The Kidnapping of Michel Houellebecq. What follows are my movie-thoughts.

What portrait of man is sketched in the tension between kidnapped and kidnapper? 433 more words


"Craptivity in Abusementparks" on YouTube

Craptivity in Abusementparks: https://youtu.be/5w7Szalu4tA
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My new edit, Craptivity and Abusementparks.
Seaworld blames Blackfish for everything how pathetic is that? This I did with music that is a little ridiculous (not bad but not the normally music I have to these videos) because the whole captivity business is ridiculous and Seaworld immediately should close down this craptivity park. 245 more words

Why Are You Bound?

Hey! I hope I find you well. I am well, thanks. Its been interesting, as I always say there is something new everyday :) you JUST HAVE TO TAKE A DAY AT A TIME! 475 more words


Murky Shadows

*This one was written a very long time ago. Unfortunately, I can’t remember why I wrote it/what inspired it.

Murky Shadows©

by La’Kisha DeVon Jordan… 148 more words


Lolita, 45 Years In Captivity

After 45 miserable years in captivity, the tide may finally be turning for Lolita, the world’s loneliest orca.

Public opposition to keeping orcas in captivity is growing… 159 more words

ZOOCHOSIS - A Short Documentary

“Ensuring a good welfare for animals housed in zoos, is not an easy job. It might not even be something we will ever really get a perfect grip on.

244 more words