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Really Funny Pictures With Captions For Facebook

Pictures can represent a person’s heart, and out of the picture, we can judge the character of the owner of the image, 77 more words

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Youthful Satirical Mag Editor Claims Full Credit For Front Page Speech Bubbles

Christ! Check out the f*****g captions on that!” – Baking guru, Mary Berry.

In a shock revelation that will shake the very foundations of the world of mildly unsuccessful satirical magazines, the 19-year-old editor of Soz Satire “A Piss Poor Excuse For Humour”, has revealed that, just before the latest edition was published, he made a number of alterations to the front page speech bubbles, making them in his view: “Even funnier” 322 more words


Earplug Caption: Base Jumping

Too late, Miles and Chester discovered that the minimum prerequisite for base jumping was a parachute.

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Phavoured Fotos 7: Reverse Angle

What’s so special about this picture, you might well ask.

Indeed, what? But when used in conjunction with this one…

…we have nothing less than… 55 more words

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Phavoured Fotos 6: Fort Balderdash (alternate reality version)

This time I’ve chosen one of my favourite ‘favourites. It’s…

…using perspective AND my favourite set – the alternative reality Fort Balderdash – which is actually… 44 more words

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Phavoured Fotos 4: Time Storms

Earplug Adventure time again. I like this action shot of a concert crowd…

…because I hate wasting anything. I tripped when I took this, but rather than delete the picture I decided to use it as an earthquake scene, and in doing so thought up the idea of recurring ‘Time Storms’. 58 more words

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