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Billy Johns: A Hard Working Real Estate and Finance Professional

Billy Johns is nothing short of a hard working, dedicated, and loyal business professional currently working in the real estate and finance industries. He has been extremely successful through out his lengthy 30 year career in the real estate industry, and he has no plans of retiring any time in the near future. 305 more words

Billy Johns

Snoop Dogg Starting A Venture Capital Fund For Marijuana Start Up Companies

Following Snoop Dogg’s investments in entertainment website Reddit, and zero-fee stock trading platform Robinhood, the marijuana aficionado has decided to focus his efforts towards an industry in which he has a lot of expertise.

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Capitalist Downside

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Night Train

“Choo! Choo!” the night train from New York leaves the station at exactly 11:01pm and not a second later. departing for chicago, the overnight train is mostly empty save for a few… 1,976 more words


Towards a New Model of Labour Organisation in a Hyper-Marketised Higher Education System

Football has long since become an all-purpose symbol of the decadence and dysfunction of globalised late capitalist society and culture. Perhaps this is because it retains traces of its more virtuous and popular origins so we feel its transformation more keenly (plus of course there’s the Land of Cockayne where the stadiums have terraces and the lager is cheap, aka the Bundesliga, mocking us from across the Armelkanal), whereas we don’t honestly expect bankers and the like to be anything other than unscrupulous, avaricious tax evaders. 1,269 more words