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What's coming up?

So now that things are up and running and I’ve assembled an ‘A-Team’ of writers, I figured now would be a good time to talk quickly about the topics we’ll be covering in the coming weeks. 204 more words


Laser labels give fruit a taste of the future

CBS News

New technology is etching labels right into the surface of fresh fruits at some markets in Europe. Manufacturers say the labels are safe and help identify where food comes from, but some customers are wary. CBS News’ Jonathan Vigliotti reports.


Don’t Just Watch the Adverts – Bin ‘em: The Rise of Corporate Faux-Sentimentality

JAMES HAIKNEY analyses the recent surge in sop in the advertising industry.

Television – we all love it, don’t we? Even with the rise of online competitors such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, the TV is still the focal point of virtually every living room – and in new, flat, curved, 3D ways. 805 more words


Art & Capital

Image Credit: Black on Maroon 1959, Mark Rothko

The Mona Lisa, at the Louvre in Paris is credited as having the highest painting value in history. 1,164 more words


Hayek - the 9th section of the chapter "Socialist Calculation" of "Individualism and Economic Order"

“At first sight it is not evident why such a socialist system with competition within industries as well as between them should not work well or as badly as competitive capitalism. 1,627 more words


I'm a black guy and I want to be a billionaire. Is there anything wrong with that?

Yes, there’s a whole buncha shit wrong with that.

1. There’s no one who’s done 1billion dollars worth of work, so in order to accumulate 1billion dollars you have to steal the majority of your money from other people, like all other billionaires have done.  243 more words

Black Leaders