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Transactional socialization, corporate empathy and depression

Empathy. As we can see in this sick TED talk about animal behavior, it’s something that humans and animals share. As the dude says, empathy is one of the pillars of morality. 672 more words

Welcome to a Very American Coup: A Debate on the Causes and Larger Meaning of the Iraq War

b. traven, W.J. Astore, and Stuart Lyle

We at The Contrary Perspective believe in freewheeling debate.  We recently had such a debate, largely behind the scenes, on the causes and larger meaning of America’s invasion of Iraq in 2003.  1,911 more words

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Starving Humanity versus Hungry Hippos of Capitalism

Capitalism today reminds me of the childhood game of Hungry Hippos where everyone is trying to get as many marble$$ as possible with no regard for others. 113 more words

The Shit Old Days

Image credit: Venice Biennale

The rights and plight of workers pervade the sprawling main exhibition of this year’s Venice Biennale. The artworks inside the imposing white central pavilion and the medieval dockyard buildings include US photographer Walker Evans’s images of poverty-stricken farmers in Great Depression-era southern Alabama and a huge banner by an artist activists’ coalition, Gulf Labour, about the exploitation of migrant workers in the United Arab Emirates.

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Ending the consensus

It has struck me several times since the election, while listening to leadership contenders and debates, the ongoing Greek tragedy, and debates around benefits that one of the greatest problems on the left is how our representatives have bought in (one might use the term sold out…) to the idea of the Market and of liberal economic freedom (by which I mew the freedom for big business to do as it pleases) being the only game in town. 2,065 more words

On Gay Marriage: Pissing People Off

1. The question, or point, the previous post was aiming towards was not one of the rightness or wrongness of gay marriage. Rather, I wanted to suggest that in  being in the world feeling multiple things at once is possible, good even. 490 more words