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Stellenbosch And The Cape Wine Revolution - A Post From Tim James

Forget that ambiguous and unfortunate story about Andre van Rensburg and Gary Jordan sneering at Swartland wine – it’s not necessary. Stellenbosch makes some great wine – it’s the preeminent wine-producing area of the Cape, certainly, even if it’s arguably not the most forward-looking as a whole (a little too much devotion to oak, extraction and extreme ripeness). 557 more words


Prefall 2015, inspiration from Chloe.

Shades of brown and white are great for those transitional weeks between seasons. Not to mention the luxurious feeling of cashmere and patent leather.
Featuring Woolworths and Zara.

Chenai: I want to hear my voice

“I don’t feel like a Zimbabwean. No. I’m loyal to it. I love my country. But I often feel like I’m that outlier. I’m part of a variable, but an outlier. 582 more words

And now, I carry on.

What we are is human. So we live and make mistakes, and sometimes we hurt others, but if we are to learn anything, it’s to forgive and be forgiven, and then continue to love, in the ways that we can, in the languages that we know. 91 more words


Cape Town, South Africa

Beautiful Cape Town!

Last week I had the opportunity of traveling to South Africa for the first time ever! I didn’t quite know what to expect.. 360 more words


The Bokeh 2015 International Fashion Film Festival part 1

The Bokeh 2015 International Fashion Film Festival

Last year when I first heard of the Bokeh Fashion Film Festival I thought it will be boring with just old fashion videos being shown, and people wishing they had not come. 71 more words

The Egg menu

For the month of April I have gone with a cheeky Easter theme. I will be serving up my egg menu (not chocolate eggs!). Now, before you think this is going to be a dinner of fried, scrambled, poached, boiled or even baked eggs, think again! 157 more words