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The busiest girl with no job...ok I'm exaggerating

First and foremost I am sorry I have not posted anything in a while. I am still blessing this blog via ethernet. Dell and Comcast are on my $h*# list. 520 more words

Mantids and cannibalism: a surprisingly complicated affair.

Written by Joe Ballenger

Mantises, as we’ve seen, are interesting animals with a lot more going on than what it seems. They’re efficient predators which have an evolutionary history that many wouldn’t suspect, and they have their own weird biological quirks. 1,156 more words


Urban Death Project seeks to compost dead humans to feed the crops: has it really come to this?

A Seattle architect named Katrina Spade has proposed a new solution for urban food production: convert the recently deceased into nutritious compost to feed the food crops. 49 more words

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Killing Elevates Me

I  like  it  when  they  squirm.  Twisting,  writhing  on  my  table  while  they  fight  their  way  out  of  this  nightmare.  It  makes  it  all  the  more  exciting,  more  rewarding  when  I  slice  them  open. 627 more words


iGem is Making Cheese with Human DNA

San Francisco-based iGem group said it found a way to make cheese proteins using genetic sequences found in mammals.

The DNA blueprints are inserted into the yeast, which creates cheese that is vegan-compatible because of the lack of animal products.

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