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Zombie Apocalypse?

Are you prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse? Sounds like a movie or a TV show, but there have been several “zombie” attacks lately. Do I believe that these people are really zombies? 1,268 more words


The Fairfield Crane

The A-listed Fairfield Crane was dismantled in late 2007 as part of BAE System’s plans for the redevelopment of the yard. It is a subject that I will return to in detail somewhere down the line, but for now check out the pictures that were taken at the time… 10 more words

The recipe reads:
Set aside all ingredients
then dispose the corpse.


"A Court Confession"

You have drugged me with trust,
trespassed my solitude,
stolen my attention,
murdered my loneliness,
then burned down my walls.
You were not contented
and still robbed me of sleep every night. 231 more words


Zech 11:9-10


(9) The basis on which the shepherd agreed to lead the sheep was their covenant relationship. But since they were not getting along the shepherd said to the sheep that he would not be their shepherd. 459 more words

Jeff Scoggins

He can’t help but think
about her and all the ways
to cook her alive.