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Non-Infectious Outbreaks: Bizarre Epidemics of Stuff That Shouldn't Be Contagious

An outbreak is usually caused by something infectious; some germ that likes to spread itself around. But sometimes things that shouldn’t be contagious spread themselves around. 394 more words


Rational Explanation Is Unnecessary to Know Why Homosexuality Is Weird, Even Offensive.


Advocates of ‘gay marriage’ keep demanding rational reasons as to why we oppose it, but they don’t realize that our views on ‘gay marriage’ goes beyond Reason. 8,180 more words

The Coven of Namira

Amalthea’s always looking for something fun and wholesome to do, so she decided to meet up with the very strange woman named Eola at Reachcliff Cave… 95 more words

Amalthea's Adventures

Review: “California Bones” by Greg Van Eekhout

California Bones
Greg Van Eekhout
Tor, 2014.

Los Angeles is a daunting town for visitors, but it houses a wealth of hidden treasures, like Rhino Records and… 159 more words


Ancient Cannibals Smothered Their Meals in Bone-Staining Spices

We used to cook with blood too.

We know that, over history, humans have eaten each other. But we now know more about how ancient cannibals liked to dine: They spent lots of time prepping elaborate feasts with actual recipes calling for exotic ingredients.

63 more words

Hungry | Cannibal Flash Fiction for Three Prompts

Given three perfectly ordinary prompts, I’m not sure how I came up with the story of a young cannibal. WOW555 asked for “rage” or “passion.” … 424 more words



When I kill them,

there is pain and blood.

Usually there is also a knife and fire.

But I’m not a monster,

I’m human.

After all, you are what you eat.